Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Just A Typical Day In San Francisco

Hey everybody!

First of all, let me apologize for not keeping this up to date. I've been recovering at my folks' house away from the Bay Area, and have been following happenings at home as little as possible. I'm heading back to the city on Thursday.

So to whet your appetite...

"Tiger Kills San Francisco Zoo Patron, Injures Two Others" from the Chron


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Americans For Better Immigration Releases '08 Presidential Candidates Immigration Stances

Americans For Better Immigration (ABI), the folks who brought you those "immigration report cards," have made a very cool page available where every '08 Presidential Candidate from both parties is rated on immigration issues.

These ratings assess the candidate's promises, specific legal and illegal immigration stances, and their past performance on immigration issues. It's a great place to start, and a page worth visiting often, as it will get updated again as we get closer to the election. I will put a permanent link to it in the sidebar, and, when the time comes for a seperate presidential list, rest assured that the ABI list will be part of it.


Sports! on SanFransanity! - Missouri, ASU latest schools to get screwed by BCS

I fucking hate the BCS. Now you know.

I hated the BCS even before the #5 Cal Bears were screwed out of a Rose Bowl by a bootlicking Texas Longhorn head coach in 2005. And, every year, it gets worse and worse.

Sadly, the system Is not going to change. We folks who believe that college football is about rivalry and tradition are sad anachronisms. College football today is about one thing: money. Lots and lots of money. Too much money is being made by too many people to change the BCS system.

The Betting Fool - the anonymous sports odds-maker in the SF Chronicle who is actually pretty hilarious - has ripped into the BCS this year and come up with his own picks for the Bowl matchups...

Here's the fetid mess we have...

Georgia vs. Hawaii (Sugar Bowl)
Kansas vs. Virginia Tech (Orange Bowl)
Illinois vs. USC (Rose Bowl)
Oklahoma vs. West Virginia (Fiesta Bowl)

...not a single interesting game in the bunch. Betting Fool's matchups are far more interesting...

Georgia vs. USC (Rose Bowl)
Oklahoma vs. Virginia Tech (Orange Bowl)
Arizona State vs. Hawaii (Fiesta Bowl)
Missouri vs. Arkansas (Sugar Bowl)

Now, if I were in charge of polishing this turd, I would have 8 teams make it instead of 10, pick the best two from the four bowl games and have that be the national championship game. That way the fucking bowl games would still mean something. Wouldn't you much rather see Ohio State in the Rose Bowl - y'know, where they belong?!?

But still, in my oh-so-humble opinion, the only way to fix the BCS is to affix a large quantity of TNT to it and blow it back into the dark recesses of the moneygrubbing minds who thought the whole dastardly scheme up.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Mayor Hairoo Signs Illegal Alien ID Act - Following Law Now Officially "Optional"

SF Mayor Gavin Sleazebag has signed into law the Illegal Alien ID Act in San Francisco, causing a twitter amongst that new political faction - the pro-slavery left.

From FAIR's press release...

"On Wednesday, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom signed into law an ordinance that would require San Francisco to issue identification cards to the city's nearly 40,000 illegal aliens as well as other residents who do not possess California driver's licenses. The ordinance, which was modeled after a similar plan to provide municipal identification cards to illegal aliens in New Haven, Connecticut, had been approved the previous week by city lawmakers. The San Francisco ordinance will go into effect at the end of August 2008. Upon signing the legislation, the mayor stated, "San Francisco does more than most other cities in the United States for its residents, but you need to prove you are a resident and there's no easier way to do it than having one card. I don't think it's that big of a deal and I think it's inevitable in other cities." (Associated Press, November 29, 2007).

The municipal identification cards, which will cost $15 for adults and $5 for children, will be issued to applicants presenting as little as a local utility bill in his or her name. (Los Angeles Daily News, November 29, 2007). The cards will identify the carrier by name, birth date and photograph, but will not indicate the legal status of the holder or the holder's gender. (CBS News, November 21, 2007). While the ID cards will not allow illegal aliens to drive or work in the city, they will expressly permit their holders to obtain city health services, use public libraries and receive discounts at local museums. In addition, a number of banks, including Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Washington Mutual, and US Bank, have all indicated a willingness to accept the cards as proof of identification for banking purposes. Local businesses receiving funds from the city will be required to accept the cards as valid identification and proof of local residence. (San Francisco Chronicle, November 28, 2007).

Immigration reform advocates argue that the San Francisco identification card program legitimizes illegal immigration. FAIR spokesman Ira Mehlman told the Los Angeles Times that the provision of identity cards can have dangerous consequences because it impedes the enforcement of federal immigration law. "Nobody says the city of San Francisco has to enforce the laws, but their minimal obligation should be not to impede the enforcement of federal immigration law," said Mehlman. (Los Angeles Times, November 19, 2007).

Even some San Francisco residents take issue with the program. Cinnamon Stillwell, a San Francisco area writer, argues the provision of municipal identification cards is hardly altruistic. Writing for the San Francisco Chronicle, she described the illegal alien population as "[a] permanent underclass of laborers [that] would not exist were it not for the unaddressed social and economic problems in their countries of origin, the perpetuation of cheap labor by transnational corporations and small businesses alike, and the inability and in some cases unwillingness of the U.S. government to control the nation's borders or enforce its laws." (San Francisco Chronicle, November 28, 2007). Ms. Stillwell said issuing these cards legitimizes and perpetuates the already exploitative situation in which they currently live."

...But hey, it's better than where they came from right? So said the pre-Civil War southern plantation owner, and so say today's pro-slavery left.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

SF's Illegal Alien ID - and a Possible Response

Hey folks,

I have been amassing a fair amount of stuff regarding San Francisco's proposal to give municipal ID cards to illegal aliens. As you may have heard, the Board of Stupidvisors has passed, by a vote of 10-1, a resolution calling for the program to be implemented. The lone dissenter was Sean Elsbernd - who objected to the costs of the program. Mayor Gavin Newsom, who has remained firm in his pandering stance towards illegal immigration, has said he will sign the legislation when it reaches his desk.

First off, I would like to issue an appeal.

This handing out of municipal IDs will not happen for at least another 6 months. Judging from what I have read in the papers and online, there seems to be more than enough support to mount a demonstration of some kind. The primary stumbling block, of course, is safety; whoever organizes this will have to work very closely with the SFPD to obtain some guarantees as far as police presence goes. Remember, I am a former lefty - I know these people - and I know that those of you concerned about being assaulted while exercising your first amendment rights are JUSTIFIED in your fear! I shudder to think what would happen to us if we voiced our opinion without police protection.

I'm asking readers for links to other organizations in the Bay Area that would be interested in participating in or even helping to organize such a demonstration.

I can tell you that support for this program, even in San Francisco, is not as broad or as deep as one might think. Even in a poll in the rabidly pro-illegal alien San Francisco Chronicle, the response to the question "Like the idea of municipal ID cards for SF residents?" was 83% NO. No issue generates more comments on the SFGate's web page. And there is virtually no all-out support for the measure; most of those supporting it are people who have surrendered to the idea that California is or will soon be a Mexican protectorate. Installing a spine in such people will not be easy.

For now, though, here's a link to San Francisco ID program: Legitimizing illegal immigration by Cinnamon Stillwell's which ran in the Chronicle last week.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

If Illegal Aliens Are "Day Laborers," Are Hookers "Night Laborers?"

Hello hello. First dispatch from the SLO lane, equidistant between Baghdad by the Bay in the North and La Ciudad de Mexico Del Norte to the south. I'm here recuperating from my back surgery, taking short walks on long piers, and enjoying an extended visit away from the madness of the city.

San Luis Obispo is a great little area, but we don't have wireless down here where I'm at, so I''ve had to sneak on to other people's computers to do my business.

The local news consists mostly of a wrongful death suit finally going to trial over 2 women who died in the collapse of an old building in Paso Robles during the December 2003 earthquake. A host of water related issues takes up a lot of the other news; many communities here have moratoriums on building due to water and sewer issues, which means supply has outstripped demand for housing. Thus real estate is pretty pricey here, even by California standards.

I'll add to this post later. Gotta run before my Mom's secretary gets back!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

In Transit

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I am in transit to San Luis Obispo and am gonna be here a while. Thanks for stopping by and I'll have something new up shortly.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

SPORTS! on San Fransanity: Jimmie Freakin' Johnson Wins Another Championship

Jimmie Johnson, and his lovely wife, Chad Knaus, are once again NASCAR champions!

Jimmie certainly deserved it this year, blowing the doors off of everyone except Jeffie-poo. I was pulling for Jeffie-poo, of course - because Jeff was born in Northern California and is also a rabid 'Niner fan - but it was pretty clear that JJ was not to be caught this year.

The Happy Couple

Now anyone who knows me knows what a NASCAR nut I am. Unfortunately, due to health problems, I wasn't able to go to any races this season (and I had tickets to both Martinsville and Atlanta... d'oh!). That's gonna change. I'm definitely going next year to at least a few. Here's the tracks I've been to...

Infineon (obviously)
Las Vegas
New Hampshire

"Come, my little Belgian waffle..."

Next year I want to get to a few more southern races. Preferably to some unique tracks. I'd love to go pretty much anywhere, but I'd love to hit MVille, of course. And Bristol, obviously. But I'll take Darlington, Atlanta, Daytona, Talladega... heck, the last time I was at Homestead was before they banked it, so I may have to go back. And that, my friend, is a trip.... Homestead for the weekend, and then drive to the Keys!

And, as it turns out, my uncle grew up near Bristol, TN! How cool is that? Maybe while I'm down there I can bust into Rockingham and take a few laps around it, if they haven't already turned it into a Costco.

The King... at my house anyway

Whom did I root for this year? Well, my guy, Ward Burton, didn't do so hot. Good Ol' Ward finished the year in 47th Place, having started only 16 races, and finishing a mere 5,784 points out of the championship. He's got his wildlife foundation to keep him busy, ao I don't blame him for not puttin' the most urgent effort into his career. I mean, driving seems to be a small part of Ward's life now. Still, we'll always have Daytona 2002!

All photos from NASCAR.com: community: photos

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I Object To Dennis Kucinich Being Called "American"

Watching the reheated remains of the Democratic debate on CNN and it's becoming more and more clear that there is not a single candidate on the Democratic side who has a halfway reasonable take on immigration. Kucinich was the worst, pulling that lame-ass "They're undocumented, not illegal" bullshit, but really none of the rest showed any balls at all. Only Dodd and Biden aren't completely pro-illegal.

I really don't get Kucinich; the guy has good things to say about trade in general, but then blows it completely with his pandering to illegals, and to the extreme left who support illegal immigration - who do so not so much because they want to help the poor, but because they want Americans to suffer!

How anyone concerned about the survival of American culture can even consider voting for Clinton or Obama is beyond me!

All you Democrats, or those of you needing affirmation that leaving the Dem Party was a good thing, might want to read this line-up of '08 Democratic presidential candidates and their stances on immigration, courtesy of Brenda Walker and VDare. It's pretty fucking pathetic and sad.

10 years ago I would never have entertained the possibility that I could vote for a Republican. Today I feel exactly the same way... about the Democrats.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Oil Spill Update - Heeeeeeere's Carole

Here's the latest on the Bay Area oil spill, courtesy of State Senator Carole Migden...

Dear Friend:

In an effort to keep you current on clean-up activities related to last Wednesday’s devastating 58,000 gallon bunker fuel spill into the San Francisco Bay, here is the third in a series of informational e-alerts:

Volunteer Opportunities Tomorrow: November 17th

Volunteer Haz Mat Oil Spill Trainings: Saturday, November 11/17/07
One will be held from 8AM-Noon and another from 1PM-5PM

As part of an ongoing effort to clean up beaches in San Francisco, the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management (DEM) in coordination with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the California Department of Fish and Game, and with other local City agencies is offering two four-hour trainings on Saturday, November 17th - these trainings include mandatory instruction and safety guidelines related to handling hazardous waste materials.

After completion of the training, volunteers will be provided a Disaster Service Worker identification badge and will be eligible to join future organized beach cleanups for the current oil spill.

Location: County Fair Building, Hall of Flowers
(Lincoln Way & 9th Ave., entrance to Golden Gate Park)
San Francisco, CA 94122

Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

For more information about volunteering, please contact:

- The Volunteer Center: www.thevolunteercenter.net
- San Francisco Customer Service Center: Dial 3-1-1

MUNI Information to the Hall of Flowers:

44 O’Shaughnessy
N Judah
71 Noriega
43 Masonic
6 Parnassus

The First Rehabilitated Oiled Birds Are Released
An official bird release--the first since the spill occurred—was scheduled to take place today at 3 p.m. at Half Moon Bay. Over 1,700 oiled birds have been recovered since the spill: 888 live birds and 830 dead birds have been reported by the Oiled Wildlife Center.

Crab Season and Fishing Update
Though Gov. Schwarzenegger had previously declared that the Dungeness crab season be delayed until Dec. 1, the San Francisco Chronicle reported today that the state’s Department of Fish and Game has announced that large portions the Dungeness grounds will be left open to both sport and commercial fishermen. Closed waters stretch between San Mateo County’s Pedro Point and Marin’s Point Reyes within three nautical miles of the coastline. It also closed to fishing and crabbing all bay waters west of the Carquinez Bridge.

Oil Spill Clean-up Stats
Here are the latest stats on spill clean-up efforts:

-More than1,400 people continue to participate in spill response
-16,420 gallons of oil have been collected.
-4,060 gallons of oil have evaporated (estimated)
-53 vessels are working to remediate the spill
-3 helicopters are surveying the area
-Oiled wildlife count - LIVE BIRDS – 888 -DECEASED BIRDS - 830

Beach Cleanup Status Report
These percentages are of the gross amount of product recovered. Once this number reaches 100 percent, it does not guarantee the beach will open. The cleanup of the beaches needs to be certified by local, state, and federal authorities. Clean up of beaches is progressing with the following completion estimates.

Marin County
Rodeo Beach – 95 percent
Muir Beach – 95 percent
Stinson/Bolinas Beach – 70 percent
Angel Island – 45 percent
RCA Beach – 100 percent
Agate – 100 percent
Horseshoe Cove – 40 percent
Kirby Cove – 100 percent

San Francisco
Fort Funston – 100 percent
Baker Beach – 100 percent
China Beach – 100 percent
Pier 1-39 – 100 percent
Crissy Field – 100 percent
Aquatic Park Seawall – 75 percent
Ocean Beach – 60 percent

San Mateo
Pacifica Pier - 100 percent

Contra Costa
Richmond Marina – 5 percent
Brooks Island – 50 percent

Albany Beach – 45 percent
Radio Tower - 60 percent
Emeryville - 15 percent
Berkeley Marina – 25 percent

Updated Contact Numbers

Claims hotline – (866) 442-9650
Reporting oiled wildlife – (415) 701-2311
Reporting oil sightings – (415) 398-9617

... wait, wait, wait... what was that about crab season again???

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Yet Another Reason Why MTV Sucks

note: this is an old clip... from November of 2005. MTV still sucks bronto, though.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Response To S.F.'s Illegal Alien ID Plan - Coming Soon

Yep. Soon. Truth is I am just too Goddamn angry right now to put together an article of any length with the majority of the words NOT being curse words. I've been reading and, God help me, even responding to some of the typical Leftist batshit crap in the SFGate today. Honestly, do not read this if you're not in the mood to be completely enraged. Tom Ammiano, you sir are a ********* ****** and I mean that from the heart, you ******* ***** of ****.

Some days it's good that I don't own a gun.

SF Supervisors Approve ID Card For Residents - niiiice euphamisms. Assholes. From the Chronicle of course. Assholes.

Here's the amazing thing... the Chron is running a poll - the question... "Like the idea of municipal ID cards for SF residents?" And, with 2,000 votes, 84% say NO.

But what does that matter? Isn't it clear by now that in a Socialist Utopia it doesn't matter what you want. That's the beauty... all of that "desire" stuff is all done for you! When you have an equality of results versus an equality of opportunity, you don't ever have to be bogged down by
actually doing anything! In fact, we insist that you don't!

I'm guessing Sandoval... or maybe Peskin...

Looooove this item in SFist...

We came across this wonderful blind item over at ValleyWag (via Overheard in the Office). It seems that someone on the Board of Supes doesn't know the difference between a placeholder name and their signature, euphemistically. Do you know who it was? We're going to go ahead sweepingly generalize that it was either Ammiano or Dufty, because gays only care about little boys and baggies, shiny objects, and unicorns.

Council member: I heard you need my John Doe on something.

Clerk: I need your signature on some documents.

Council member: Yeah, my John Doe.

Clerk, laughing: You mean your John Hancock -- John Doe is an anonymous dead body. [Council member looks puzzled.] John Hancock has the biggest signature on the Declaration of Independence -- that's where the term comes from.

Council member: Oh.

Who's your guess? There's so many to choose from!

Tomorrow: I comment on SF's decision to give I.D.s to illegal aliens. I need to sleep now on simmer... I should get to the boiling point by morning!

Must-See TV: The Open Road: America Looks At Aging

As you may be able to tell reading my blog, I'm a pretty cynical, bitter person. Not much gives me hope about this country, or about this world. This show gives me hope.

I came across this show tonight - "The Open Road: America Looks At Aging" - and, unfortunately, I don't have any upcoming listings for you, but keep an eye out for it.

It brings up a big point - perhaps THE big point - of what's going to happen in the next 10-15 years, which is the fact that 70 million baby boomers are going to hit retirement age. And these people are not going to be happy with what has been traditionally held up as 'retirement.' These people - most of the 70 million - are going to be bored out of their fucking skulls!

I'm thinking that "non-profit" is where the profit is going to be - know what I'm sayin? This society is going to have a lot of really bored people on their hands just itching to volunteer in a big way. I think, honestly, that the babyboom generation's opportunity to really do good things in the world is
still to come.

And, fool that I am, that gives me hope.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Carole Migden Still Cares

A whole week? Wow... this must be a record of some sort. California State Senator Carole Migden gives us an update on the SF Bay oil spill.


Dear Friend:

In an effort to keep you current on clean-up activities related to last Wednesday's devastating 58,000 gallon bunker fuel spill into the San Francisco Bay, here is the second in a series of informational e-alerts:

Today, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger issued an executive order that bans both commercial and sport fishing in the San Francisco Bay from November 15th through December 1st or until it is determined by public health and wildlife officials that the Bay is ecologically safe to resume fishing.

Clean up actions continue to remove fuel from the San Francisco Bay. The U.S. Coast Guard is the lead agency for monitoring and cleaning up the spill. A Unified Command has been set up with the US Coast Guard, California Fish and Game’s Office of Oil Spill Prevention and Response, and the O’Brien’s Group (contracted by the responsible party).

Here is the latest update on what is being done to clean-up the spill and to protect people, wildlife and the environment:

-7 miles of containment boom has been deployed to confine/collect oil in the water
-6 vessels are skimming/collecting oil on the water
-More than1,500 people are participating in spill response
-12,745 gallons of oil have been collected.
-580 gallons have dispersed naturally
-4,060 gallons of oil have evaporated (estimated)
-53 vessels are working to remediate the spill
-3 helicopters are surveying the area
-Oiled wildlife count
- LIVE BIRDS – 715 (of those, 183 are washed, and 66 have died or been euthanized)

The latest overflight shows very little recoverable oil offshore and inshore. Cleanup efforts are transitioning from water recovery to shoreline environmentally sensitive areas.

Oil in Trash

Do not place oil from the Cosco Busan oil spill in trash receptacles. Well-intentioned members of the public have been cleaning up oiled beaches and placing the oil and oily rags and adding them into trash. Do not attempt to collect the oil, since it needs to be disposed of properly to prevent broader contamination and re-introduction to the environment. If you have collected oil, it should NOT be added to regular trash, as this may negatively impact the environment. Oil and trash containing oil (such as rags or paper towels) should be double bagged and labeled as oily waste. PLEASE CALL YOUR LOCAL GOVERNMENT'S HAZARDOUS WASTE DEPARTMENT TO HAVE IT PICKED UP.

Beach Cleanup Status (from OES as of November 13, 2007)

(These percentages are of the gross amount of product recovered. Once this number reaches 100 percent, it does not guarantee the beach will open. The cleanup of the beaches needs to be certified by local, state, and federal authorities. Clean up of beaches is progressing with the following completion estimates.)

Marin County
Rodeo Beach – 60 percent
Muir Beach – 60 percent
Stinson Beach – 80 percent
Angel Island – 25 percent
RCA Beach – 25 percent
Agate – 25 percent

San Francisco
Fort Funston – 20 percent
Baker Beach – 85 percent
China Beach – 85 percent
Pier 1-39 – 100 percent

Closed Beaches

The Department of Public Health has determined that it is unsafe to swim in some locations and therefore has closed the following beaches:
Bay Area Beach Closures Nov. 13, 2007

Clipper Cove Beach, T.I.
Aquatic Park (Booms in place)
SF Municipal Pier
Ft. Point
Baker Beach (Heavy Oil)
China Beach (Light Oil)
Ft. Baker
Mile Rock Beach
Kirby Cove (Heavy Oil)
Rodeo Beach (Heavy Oil)
Tennessee Valley
Muir Beach (Heavy Oil)
Angel Island (Heavy Oil)
Keller Beach
Ferry Point
Point Isabel
Baxter Creek to Lucretia Edwards Park
Coastal Access point to Cliffside; Pt. Richmond
Middle Harbor Regional Park
Steep Ravine Beach (Mt. Tamalpais)
Red Rock Beach (Mt. Tamalpais)
Crissy Field Beach (booms in place)
Stinson Beach
Linda Mar Beach
Rockaway Beach
Sharp Park Beach
Ocean Beach has an advisory posted
San Francisco Piers 1-39 Booms in place

Air Quality

The Bay Area Air Quality Management Board is actively participating in safety monitoring and performing air sampling along port property.

Ferry Schedules

Ferry schedules have not been disrupted.

Reporting, Helping Oiled Animals

The public is asked to report any injured and/or oiled wildlife to the Oiled Wildlife Care Network at 877-823-6926. The network recommends that people DO NOT pick up or approach oiled animals.

To Volunteer: As of this morning, the OWCN has received over 1500 offers to help volunteer from the generous public. They are not currently taking more registrations. Please check this site regularly for status changes. People interested in volunteering should check the network website at www.owcn.org for updates on volunteer efforts. The site is updated constantly.

You can also call the Richardson Bay Audubon Center & Sanctuary. Here's a note from the Audubon Director:

"We will love to have your help in a variety of ways in the coming days and
weeks. This will be a long process--don' t feel bad if you can't help
tomorrow--let us know when you can. We will need help documenting oiled
birds around the bay, talking with folks on beaches and bike paths about how to help, removing tar (after training!) from beaches, removing regular trash from beaches before it can get contaminated.

I am working with our partners to create a training for the community for oil clean up--we understand and share your frustration with not being ableto do more. We would like to train more of you to help. Check our website in the coming days for news on this training. We hope to hold in within 10 days, at the Audubon Center.

Please encourage everyone to keep children and dogs off beaches--if we step in the oil, we spread the contamination around.

Thanks for caring for this amazing ecosystem and all its inhabitants, so central to our community."

Brooke Langston
Center Director
Richardson Bay Audubon Center & Sanctuary
415 388 2524 ext 109

Volunteer Opportunities

Here are additional organizations seeking volunteers:

Baykeeper: www.sfbaykeeper.org

Richardson Bay Audubon Center & Sanctuary: www.tiburonaudubon.org/index.html

Important Contact Numbers

Oil sightings & claims number: 985-781-0804

Public Information Hotline & Media Inquires: 415-399-7305

If I can be of further assistance to you, please do not hesitate to call my district office in San Francisco at 415-557-1300 or San Rafael at 415-479-6612.


State Senator Carole Migden

Monday, November 12, 2007

Veteran's Day at the SF Chronicle - Another Occasion for White Shame

I've noticed, going through the backtracking of my webstats, that some of you have been getting to this page by doing searches for "Tyche Hendricks," who, if you don't already know, is a writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. Hendricks writes regularly - almost exclusively - on immigration, from a rabidly pro-illegal alien point of view. I consider Hendricks to be a fundamentally dishonest journalist, who is never beneath spouting blatant La Raza propaganda at every opportunity.

One would think that Veteran's Day would not be such an occasion. Guess again...

"Mister Edward," said Carrillo looking up from his mop, "I became an officer in the Air Corps, so I think I can probably do any goddamn job you give me." The next week he was promoted to a position in the roasting and grinding department. He retired from the coffee company five decades later after rising to manager of the production plant.

Just as the war was a turning point in Carrillo's life, it emboldened countless other Latinos to speak up for fair treatment, and gave momentum to a nascent civil rights movement among Latinos as it did with African Americans.

Two of the groups founded by Hispanic World War II veterans, the American GI Forum and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, worked for years to end discriminatory poll taxes and all-white juries, and to eliminate segregation in schools and other public places.

here's a few selected comments in response posted on the SFGate website...

guillermo wrote:

How in the world the SF Chronicle in general, and Tyche Hendricks, in particular, can take a national day of respect for American veterans, and turn it into a lecture to the readers about racism in America, turns my stomach beyond description. You people at the Chronicle should hang your heads in shame. It's disgusting. You are not even capable of keeping your agenda in your pocket for the sake of the ALL veterans on a National Holiday established to honor them? Regrettably, that speaks miles about your newspaper.

sfreader07 wrote:

The Chronicle never misses an opportunity to spin some unrelated event into pro-illegal-alien propaganda. No wonder they have to fire reporters and their circulation is dropping.

Wise111 wrote:

Im a veteran, and this article is downright disrespectful to all veterans. When I was in the Army, I served alongside blacks, latinos, pacific-islanders, and people from every race and socio-economic background. Today is Veterans day, tommorrow is Veterans Day observed, yet this is the only article I found on the Chronicle that talked about Veterans Day, and it only highlighted one racial group out of the multitudes of racial groups that have served in our military past and present. The highlight of Veterans Day shouldn't be on racism or bigotry, but rather how men and women from every class and racial background have fought and died for the same cause on the same ground. To single out only one group and somehow fit it to modern politics for Veterans Day is not only disrespectful, but it also highlights the fact that citizens don't care about Veterans. People want to show "support for the troops", but why is it that there are so many homeless and jobless vets, or articles like this?

jason_r94102 wrote:

I don't understand why segregation is acceptable when it's positive - "Latinos served their country in World War II, etc etc" but not when it's negative. As long as people continue to identify themselves as a particular, different race, instead of all part of one human race, there will always be segregation - both positive and negative. Do Latino WWII veterans deserve as much respsect as those of any other "race"? Of course. Is it important that they are Latino? NO. Just as it's not important if someone is white, black, or anything else. People should be judged on their actions - their service to their country is honorable. It also has nothing to do with their race. If there were an article about the contribution of white soldiers in WWII that would be condemned as racist immediately. I'm sure I will now be called a racist.

pacificaharry wrote:

Thankfully the many posts on here are dead on. Why on earth do people believe this country is a giant empty receptacle filled with special interest groups? While I honor those brave hispanics for their service, they do not deserve to be singled out - only when we specivically are focusing on hispanic soldiers contribution. My Jewish Gpa served, yet Burns didn't cover the contributions of Jews in WWII? Didn't anyone notice the documentary was focused on how the war effected 4 cities, not 4 ethnic groups? This is a sympton of the problem of multiculturism, whereby everyone attempts to celebrate differences among us, not similarities. This is typical Bay Area junk - shame on the Chron and those trying to diminish the overall contribution by brave Americans who fought together as one, not as individual ethnicities (even if they were treated unfairly before or after).

williamjb wrote:

There are no hyphenated veterans only *expletive deleted* journalists.

Read related article by Brenda Walker - No Honor For Veterans at the Chronicle from VDare blog.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wisdom of Oz

At home watching the Wizard of Oz... and something occurs to me...

Does Dorothy try to "reason" with the Wicked Witch of the West? Does she start a focus group to figure out the sensitive way to deal with her? Does she call someone from the National Council of La Witches? Does she try to see things from the witches' point of view???

No, she kills her. 'Cuz it's either her or Dorothy. No moral ambiguity. No political correctness. Just Dead. Ask the Munchkins.

And you call yourselves gay....

60 Minutes Brings Up The Whole Insane Killer Thing

The first sentence is enough...

"When it comes to prisoners on death row who are insane, the law is very clear: you cannot execute them. The Supreme Court has ruled it unconstitutional and deemed it "cruel and unusual punishment."

Now, maybe we should just stop right there and fucking think about it.

But no, the show must go on. 60 Minutes tonight did a piece about mentally disturbed killer Greg Thompson, who has been in a Tennessee prison for 22 years for the brutal murder of Brenda Lane on New Years Day, 1985.

The state wants (or is going through the motions to appear to want) to execute Thompson, but, as is now becoming the fashion, the lawyers have played the insanity card, and, as also is becoming the fashion, the batshit crazy and their advocates have crawled out of the woodwork and posted some truly unbelievable shit in response. Check it out for yourself.

The story brings up a seemingly silly conundrum... should the state give medication to a mentally ill person to make him sane enough to execute?

That may sound like a crazy question. The real craziness is that the question even has to be asked. The true insanity goes back to the assumptions of that first statement at the top of the post.


Please visit this link to SFist's story "UPDATED: Cosco Bucan Oil Spill: How You Can Help."

It contains links, phone numbers, and information for everyone who wants to help. Go there now. Thank you.

Top to Bottom Incompetence

"It's frustrating," said Ryan Gross of San Francisco.
"I want to help. I don't want to sit home and do nothing.
But that's what they told us to do."

The outrage continues to grow as more and more becomes known about the events that lead to the largest oil spill in decades in San Francisco Bay. The spill, which should not have happened in the first place, has now spread all over the bay, is threatening the crab season - perhaps for years - and today was found to be entering the estuaries of Point Reyes National Seashore.

While I am the first person to stand up for a government agency when they do something right, it is clear that all of the folks here screaming bloody murder about official incompetence are right on the money. It is, frankly, hard to imagine how the boat captains, the Coast Guard, and those in charge of informing the public of this ongoing disaster could have been any more incompetent. But, tomorrow is another day, and new revelations of the depth of this disaster seem to be coming daily.

Hundreds of Bay Area residents are actively ignoring orders given by the Coast Guard and other authorities to "let them handle it." I don't blame them... the Coast Guard have, frankly, been complete assholes about it, displaying almost utter contempt for those who have taken time off to help. Well fuck them. Here's a bit from the SFGate...

A standing-room-only crowd of more than 200 people gathered Saturday in the Marin Headlands for yet another orientation by the Department of Fish and Game on how they could help - and they, too, wound up feeling flummoxed.

There was a long slide show presentation updating the spill situation, describing the cleanup equipment and how Fish and Game operates. But the crowd interrupted, wanting to know what they could do - instead of listening to a lot of talk.

"I've been to a lot of oil spills, and I have never been to one where there were this many volunteers," said Addassi, the environmental scientist with the department.

She was interrupted by frustrated people. "Don't waste us!" a man shouted. "We want to do something now!" yelled another.

Fish and Game volunteer coordinator Cindy Murphy begged people to be patient, and to call her volunteer line - (800) 228-4544 - because there are many opportunities to prepare materials and otherwise help without actually handling oil.

A preliminary investigation concluded to the surprise of absolutely no one that the cause of the spill was "human error," as reported in USA Today...

A preliminary investigation found human error caused a cargo ship to crash into the Bay Bridge, leading to San Francisco Bay's worst oil spill in nearly two decades, the U.S. Coast Guard said Saturday as rescue teams raced to save hundreds of seabirds.

Coast Guard officials said their early probe was focused on communication problems between the ship's crew and the pilot guiding the vessel, as well as communications between the pilot and the Vessel Traffic Service, the Coast Guard station that monitors the bay's shipping traffic.

Officials would not detail what evidence was uncovered. But Coast Guard Cmdr. Andrew Wood said "the mere fact that they collided with a fixed object" offered clear evidence that a communication problem had occurred.

But the human error did not stop there. The Coast Guard originally reported the spill at 140 gallons, and it wasn't till 12 hours later that they announced they made a slight miscalculation and that it was closer to 58,000 gallons. Obviously, somebody was attempting to cover their ass, and that person (or persons) should be used to sop up the oil. And ever since it has just been wave upon wave upon layer upon layer of bungling, misinformation, and incompetence.

NY Governor Elliot Spitzer (Still) Needs A Good Bitchslappin'

NY Governor Elliot Spitzer, the alleged American who came up with the brilliant idea of giving driver's licenses to illegal aliens is now saying that maybe, just maybe, he has not ruled out rescinding the idea, which has proved to be about as popular as shit-flavored candy.

CNN reports that...

He (Spitzer) said Friday he was standing by the plan for now, but he suggested he might consider backing off if he could not build enthusiasm for it, The New York Times and other New York newspapers reported in Saturday's editions.

Maybe you would like to offer your encouragement to Governor Spitzer. Here's his email.

(As always when writing to government officials, you'll want to stay away from words like "completely batshit criminal-loving creepazoid" and "crazy wax-museum escapee with a Constantine complex." They hire people to screen out stuff like that.)

The Scott Thomas Fiasco Is Just Getting Started

At least, I hope it's just getting started. Because the natural tendency will be for us to sweep this under the rug... and that, in and of itself, would be a criminally insane act.

And, no... this post is not an excuse to print yet another photo of Carole Migden. This photo, courtesy of SFist, comes from a press conference concerning the consequences of the gross errors made by the California Dept. of Corrections in releasing a batshit psycotic into the public. Also in the photo are Linda and Tim Schaller - parents of 15-year old Loren Schaller - the girl who was nearly stabbed to death by Thomas.

As far as I am concerned, the CDRC has made serious errors, but we the people have made very serious errors as well. We have let the insane lead this debate. We have allowed the mental defectives and those who have raging hard-ons for them define what sane is. It is no wonder then when shit like this happens... shit like this is bound to happen when you have people who believe in their hearts that it is wrong to force someone who is a violent criminal and a clear and present danger to themselves and others to be "fixed" - because it is an affront to their liberty.

What these people don't understand is that this "fixed" we are talking about is a cornerstone of what is (or, at least, should be) our basic concept of "rehabilitation." These people do not understand that when criminal acts are involved the previous terms of conversation are no longer relevant and you cannot keep talking about these people as if they have all their faculties because they don't you incredibly stupid nutjobs!!!

It is an absolute travesty that this really pretty girl* had to almost get chopped to pieces before the people of this town got a dose of simple reality. (*I've seen pictures... but I'm not going to post pictures of Loren because I'll bet you anything that there are more than a few people jacking-off right now at the idea of seeing what sort of person the insane find yummy.)

I will be posting soon addresses of people you can write to, to influence them to lock up the criminally insane and keep them locked up.

This could be a turning point. It is time people. It is time to stop coddling the insane. It is time to stop defending the indefensible. It is time for this city to outgrow it's sexual fetish for insanity. It is time to stop the lie that insanity is a form of rebellion. That's bullshit.

"When victimhood is your empowerment,
then recovery is the enemy."

Saturday, November 10, 2007

That Silver Lining... It's An Oil Slick


3.... 2.... 1.... BARF! And Cal loses to USC.
Again. Y'know, Cal hasn't been to the Rose Bowl since 1959. Even I was born after that. I can't imagine being one of those old guys waiting for the day my team finally breaks the curse. On the other hand, it's as good a reason to keep on living as any...

All of which reminds me of a little joke...

There was this guy who was constantly angering his friends by being chirpily optimistic, always saying obnoxious things like "It could have been worse" and "look on the bright side." So one day his friends decide they're going to make up a scenario that has no bright side and see what he does. Frank agrees to arrive to their golf game late so they can play this little trick on him.

So they're getting ready to tee off one morning and one of his friends runs up and says "Omygod, did you hear what happened?!? Frank went home and caught his wife in bed with another man and shot them both and then turned the gun on himself!!! Isn't that

"Yeah, that
is awful. Still..." says the chirpy guy, "it could've been worse."


"Well..." he mused, "if it was yesterday, I'd be dead too."

Friday, November 9, 2007

Oil Spill Might Impact Crab Season

I can see it now... even the downtown industrialists are now screaming "NOOOOOOOOOO!"

After a summer of poor fishing, the Golden Gate's fishing fleets now are facing a new crisis, less than a week before the commercial crabbing season is set to begin.

Bunker fuel from the Cosco Busan spill not only has drifted right over many of the prime fishing spots in the main bay but also into the Pacific, where it is impacting prime salmon and crabbing water before it washes ashore along the Marin coastline.

Commercial boats were scheduled to set their crab pots this coming Wednesday for Thursday's opener that traditionally supplies Dungeness for the holiday demand. Because of the fuel spill, that opener might be in question.

From Chronicle article.

This is seriously fucked. Goddamn fucking foreigners crashing their fucking leaky ass piece of shit boats... like dumping the lead-laden Chinese death toys isn't fucking enough! Hanjin must be Korean for "dumbfuck."

Welcome to San Francisco - The Craziest Place On Earth

San Francisco is not known for its high level of mental health. By my own unscientific estimates I would say...

1 out of every 7 San Franciscans has some sort of mental illness,

1 out of every 15 San Franciscans is functionally crazy,

and 1 out of every 20-25 San Franciscans is clinically insane.

Even the apologists for the criminally insane that roam the streets have had a hard time with the case of Scott Thomas - a young, very crazy man who was released from San Quentin prison, and, the very next day, nearly stabbed a 15-year old girl to death at a bakery near San Francisco's Twin Peaks.

Amazingly there are people - allegedly sane people - who are apologizing for this monster. Seriously... click on the link above and just read some of the comments!!!! For the most part, they are the same batshit liberal scum who believe that all criminals are just misunderstood and that crime victims (particularly white ones) get what they deserve. For those wondering where I got my previous numbers... I worked these people in.

I have personally known 2 people who have been murdered by insane street people over the years here. A girl I went to high school with was shot to death in Golden Gate Park by a deranged lunatic, and a well-known local musician was shot to death in the Panhandle after his dog chased some pigeons and some nutjob took offense.

I am so fucking sick of the insane running this town. I rarely get comments on my posts but when I do its usually on the subject of mental illness, with these awful, mentally castrated people saying "don't judge." I really do believe that there are so many apologists for the criminally insane here because there very simply are
so many criminally insane people living here!

For God fucking sake, San Francisco... please do something about your rotting minds! If you think you have a problem with drugs then for fuck's sake - get some help! And all of you saying "I'm self-medicating"... I will bet you a hundred bucks that - if you stop doing drugs - your mental health problems will "magically" go away!

Seriously... you people are driving me nuts!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Carole Migden Cares

My State Senator - the one and only Carole Migden - cannot be accused of not sending out very timely emails. Just got this one in my inbox and, since it contains info regarding the fuel oil spill in S.F. Bay and what is being done about it, I reprint it here in its entirety...

Carole Migden with 8th wife Elizabeth Taylor


Dear Friend:

As you probably are aware, at 8:30 a.m. yesterday a container vessel, the COSCO BUSAN, collided with the D span of the Bay Bridge. Damage to the forward left side has caused at least 58,000 gallons of heavy-duty bunker fuel to spill into the San Francisco Bay. Clean up actions were immediately initiated to begin the removal of fuel from the San Francisco Bay and CALTRANS has confirmed there is no structural damage to the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

Here is an update on what is being done to clean-up the spill and to protect people, wildlife and the environment:

The U.S. Coast Guard is the lead agency for monitoring and cleaning up the spill. A Unified Command has been set up with the US Coast Guard, California Fish and Game's Office of Oil Spill Prevention and Response, and the O'Brien's Group (contracted by the responsible party). Pollution investigators and marine inspectors from the U.S. Coast Guard are continuing to investigate the amount of the fuel spilled and the cause of the accident. Officials from the U.S. Coast Guard, the City and County of San Francisco, California Fish & Game, National Marine Sanctuary, US Fish & Wildlife, Department of Emergency Management, Treasure Island Development and the Bay Area Air Quality Control Board will be watching the situation closely and will communicate regularly with the public as the situation changes.

Air Quality

The Bay Area Air Quality Management Board is actively participating in safety monitoring and performing air sampling along port property.

Ferry Schedules

Ferry schedules have not been interrupted because the spill did not pose risks to passengers or crews.

Closed Beaches

The Department of Public Health has determined that it is unsafe to swim in some locations and therefore has closed the following beaches: Baker Beach, Crissy Field, China Beach, and Fort Point in San Francisco as well as Dillon Beach and Kirby Cove and Rodeo Beach in the Marin Headlands.

Reporting, Helping Oiled Animals

The public is asked to report any injured and/or oiled wildlife to the Oiled Wildlife Care Network at 877-823-6926. The network recommends that people DO NOT pick up or approach oiled animals. The network is not recruiting volunteers for animal rescue right now, but may be, depending on the extent of the damage. People interested in volunteering should check the network website at www.owcn.org for updates on volunteer efforts. The site is updated constantly.


The San Francisco Port has posted signs in multiple languages directing people not to fish off key locations on Port property.

Important Contact Numbers

To report oil sightings, please call 985-781-0804

To report oiled wildlife, please call 877-823-6926

To submit a claim for oiled property, please call 888-850-8486

If I can be of further assistance to you, please do not hesitate to call my district office in San Francisco at 415-557-1300 or San Rafael at 415-479-6612.


State Senator Carole Migden

>P.S. Say what you will about Carole Migden, but, sad to say, this little effort at informing her constituency of a potentially major problem is a hell of a lot more than most of my reps have done... so kudos to Ms. Migden.

And The News Just Gets Better and Better

While nobody in an official position has yet said "Look, this is really bad," more is coming to light about the fuel oil spill in S.F. Bay - seen above around Alcatraz. And, as the Chron reports, it's not good...

The fuel that spilled from a container ship into San Francisco Bay on Wednesday is a "nasty" oil that breaks down slowly, is hard to clean up and could affect marine life for years, environmentalists and oil-spill experts say.

The heavy-duty bunker fuel oil that leaked from the Cosco Busan after it clipped the base of one of the Bay Bridge's towers is what's left over after oil is refined for gasoline, and "it's the nastiest stuff around," said Gerald Graham of Victoria, British Columbia, who has been trained by the Canadian coast guard as an on-scene commander for oil spill cleanups.

"It doesn't tend to break down very quickly," Graham said. "It's cheap, and it's dirty. If the wind happens to blow it out into a channel or bay, it could spread, and then you could have miles of shoreline that could be affected."

Photos - from top to bottom -
Spill near Angel Island,
Kirby Cove (Marin Co.),
Aquatic Park (S.F.),
bird covered in oil - near Fort Baker Cove (Sausalito).

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Must-See TV: "American Gangster" - Oakland's Felix Mitchell - on BET

Oakland is... let's face it... a violent city. There's a reason why gangsters everywhere wear Oakland Raiders jackets. There's a reason that the Hell's Angels are synonymous with Oakland. If you look at Oakland, California, and wonder, "how in the hell did this town become so fucked up?" - this TV show should answer a few of your questions.

The series is called "American Gangster" on the Black Entertainment Television network. It's a really good series on the kingpins of America's black gangs, including the murderous gangs of Philly, D.C., Harlem... there's even a show on the Beltway Snipers. But this particular show is about the man who put Oakland on the map.

In the 1950's, Oakland was mostly white. Then in the 60's, Southern blacks began to move into the Bay Area. In this backdrop, Felix Mitchell - a young man who sought to emulate gangsters like Al Capone - gathered up a posse in the 69th Village housing projects where he grew up, and set up a major pot and speed dealing operation (which turned to a heroin operation after he married into the heroin biz). 69th Village and the nearby 65th Village quickly became the most dangerous places in Oakland. (You've probably even been there... it's right near the Oakland Colisseum & Arena complex at 66th & Hegenberger).

The show documents Mitchell's rise to power, the adulation he received from the project-dwellers of Oakland (the ones he wasn't killing with drugs), the spread to Sacramento, Vallejo and other spots, the war and truce with the Black Panthers, his problems with rival gangs, his eventual takedown on RICO statutes, and his violent death in Leavenworth Prison at the ripe old age of 32.

The show goes a little bit into the legacy left behind by this gangster. Much like Yugoslavia after the death of Tito, Oakland turned into a battleground of squabbling 2-bit players shooting each other over nothing. Not much has changed since.

The show takes pains to tell it like it is without glorifying this thug. The ghetto kids still sing his praises, but the truth is hard to cover up.


Thu, Nov 8 @ 10:00p, 070 BETP
Fri, Nov 9 @ 2:00a, 070 BETP
Sat, Nov 10 @ 10:00p, 070 BETP
Sun, Nov 11 @ 10:00p, 070 BETP

Other articles...

Who Do Teens Trust More, Ronald McDonald Or Felix Mitchell? by Timothy Stelly, Sr., from useless knowledge.com


A Hanjin container ship bound for Korea tears itself a new hole on the Bay Bridge. According to the Chronicle article (which is where the pic came form)...

The Coast Guard said fuel from the vessel was leaking into the bay. It said authorities were trying to determine how much fuel had been spilled and why the ship had hit the bridge.

Great. Just great. This town isn't enough of a shipwreck apparently.

UPDATE: It's now Wednesday nite and this lite-hearted romp has turned a little uglier now that it's been discovered that a teensy-weensy bit of fuel oil leaked out of the ship. How much? Oh... only about 58,000 gallons. The extent of the damage is not known yet, 8,000 gallons have so far been contained, but, according to this Chronicle article...

Within hours of the 8:30 a.m. accident, oil was showing up on the San Francisco waterfront and on Pacific Ocean beaches in Marin County. By nightfall, several beaches were closed to the public, and the state's Office of Emergency Services instructed Bay Area counties to begin assessing potential dangers to the public from contamination.

Well, I suppose we've been lucky... this is the first such accident in over 10 years. But I'm sure we'll get more info soon.

Monday, November 5, 2007

VOTE tomorrow!

Why? Beats me!

Normally, I'm the first person to slap some sense into anyone who tries to tell you your vote doesn't matter. It's really hard this time around. The mayor's race is a fucking joke, the D.A. is a fucking joke without a race, the Sheriff's race is 2 identical people running against each other.

The only mayoral candidates that don't make me want to either vomit or strike out blindly in a homicidal rage are, in no particular order...

Lonnie Holmes
Harold Hoogasion
Chicken John Rinaldi

All of the other candidates are running highly racialized campaigns (displaying varying degrees of "commitment to diversity" which is code for "we will stand up for everyone who isn't white." And that's fine... if you think that's a winning strategy... just don't expect me to vote for you! The few not running on purely racial platforms (and SF is against racism... riiiiiiigght!) are running on silly one-issue campaigns about public nudity or whatever.

I sincerely hope that I am not living in this City when the next election rolls around. I've been here way too long. I need to spend some time around normal people.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Election Endorsements In Under 15 Seconds!

Here's San Fransanity's endorsements for the Tuesday, November 6th election...

Mayor: coming soon. It will be more who NOT to vote for than who to vote for.

District Attorney: LEAVE IT BLANK. Do not offer legitimacy to the queen of the sweet plea deal Kamala Harris!

Sheriff: TOSS-UP. Both candidates are about equal, and neither is particularly horrid.

Propositions: Vote NO on all of them except C.

There. Done.

Don't agree? Then put your argument in a comment. I dare you!

Website of the day: zombietime

Cinnamon Stillwell hipped me to this one. It's called zombietime, and it's a really incredible collection of photos from San Francsco area protests - some of the best I've ever seen! I wish it said the name of the photographer so I could give him or her credit!

The photographer supplies comment to the hundreds of photos of protestors of all stripes and their signs. It offers an invaluable looking glass into the whole phenomenon of Bay Area protesting, in all of its glory and ugliness. People here wear their hearts on their signs, and you get to see every conceivable opinion from moderates to leftists to socialists to communists to racists and everyone in between.

The author focuses on the more batshit shade of leftism; some of the signs are just unbelievably delusional and sick. But San Fran is a place where people revel in their sickness, and at least their not hiding what they really think.

Check out the following pages...

Photos from the Tookie Williams execution - San Quentin - 12/12/05

Anti-Michael Savage Protest - 4/15/07

Photos from the zombietime Hall of Shame

Tammy Tells It Like It Is

I love Tammy Bruce. For those unfamiliar, she's a regular presence on Fox, but her story is a bit more interesting. She's an ex-Leftist, a former head of the L.A. chapter of NOW, and writer of several great books, including one of my favorites, "The Death of Right and Wrong." Here's a little excerpt (and a pic) from her website...

Border agents arrest convicted child rapist

Jose Cruz-Garcia, a 32-year-old Mexican citizen, was taken into custody on a charge of rentry into the country by an aggravated felon after agents spotted him in the desert west of Nogales, said Border Patrol Agent Dove Haber. Cruz-Garcia had been convicted of rape of a child in 1998 in Washington and was sentenced to a year in jail, Haber said...He is being held in a federal detention facility awaiting formal removal proceedings in a federal court, Haber said, adding a judge could order his removal or deportation.

Under removal he could not apply for permission to re-enter the United States for 10 years. If he is deported he could not apply to re-enter the country for about 20 years, Haber said.

LMAOROTF! "Apply" for reentry?! Hahahahahahahahah!! Oh, and what part of hell did we visit when we decided that rape of a child is worth only one year in jail? If you touch a child you should be executed. Plain and simple. One year in jail. 10 years ago and we catch him in 2007 coming back over. The number of times he's been back and forth, and the children he's raped in the last ten years, is a number we probably don't even want to contemplate.

Yeah, no reason whatsoever for a physical fence. All it would do is keep drug-smuggling vans from being able to drive across the border and it just might make it a tad more difficult for child-raping beasts to stroll on over.

... I could not say it better! I have to laugh when a tool like Geraldo Rivera has the gall to go on TV and lie through his bad moustache about the criminal element coming over the border. If you really believe that all illegals are humble busboys and fruitpickers, then you are either...

a) stupid

b) racist

c) a liar

d) all of the above

e) Geraldo Rivera

An Example Of What Passes For Intellectual Acumen At University Of Delaware

Thought I'd post this steaming pile of shit I tripped across browsing through U of Delaware's website.

This is a webpage about racist hate groups on the internet. It appears to be an official page of the University.

As you can see, all hate groups are run by whites - fits in perfectly with the previously mentioned U of D ideology.

And the solution to hate groups on line? CENSORSHIP!!! Seriously! That's their solution!

It is a really scary example of good intentions gone horribly wrong

Saturday, November 3, 2007

U of Delaware Drops Racist Thought-Control Program

In a victory over Orwellian Left-Wing fascism, the University of Delaware has dumped its controversial Residence Life ideological re-education program!

The program gained wide attention in right-wing blogs after the Foundation For Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) blew the lid off the program, which contained statements like the following...

"A RACIST: A racist is one who is both privileged and socialized on the basis of race by a white supremacist (racist) system. 'The term applies to all white people (i.e., people of European descent) living in the United States, regardless of class, gender, religion, culture or sexuality. By this definition, people of color cannot be racists, because as peoples within the U.S. system, they do not have the power to back up their prejudices, hostilities, or acts of discrimination….'"

The education program also notes that "reverse racism" is "a term created and used by white people to deny their white privilege." And "a non-racist" is called "a non-term," because, the program explains, "The term was created by whites to deny responsibility for systemic racism, to maintain an aura of innocence in the face of racial oppression, and to shift the responsibility for that oppression from whites to people of color (called 'blaming the victim')."

excerpted from WorldNetDaily

Can you believe that shit? Unfortunately, I can totally believe it - because this is nothing more than an official declaration of what many unfortunate brainwashed, castrated Americans have been fooled into believing. In a nutshell, it is this... "white people are evil, white people are the root of all evil, and the only good and just thing you can do if you're a white person is commit suicide, and dilute your evil gene-pool by encouraging race-mixing, non-assimilation of immigrants, and "apologies" for everything from slavery to the Armenian genocide who were perpetrated by people who died long ago who have nothing in common with you but the color of your skin - which, as we mentioned, is the root of all evil."

The only proper response to this idea involves large caliber rounds if you ask me, but cooler heads prevailed in this instance!

Above is good ol' Glenn Beck talking to the FIRE man...

I'll put some more links on here later so those of you who want the whole story can get it. I just wanted to put this up quick to celebrate!

Victory at University of Delaware (Flopping Aces)

University of Delaware Requires Students to Undergo Ideological Reeducation (FIRE)

Message to the U of D Community From President Harker

FIRE timeline - lots of links to news, blog entries, & case materials

If Women Ruled The World

I love this article by Barbara J. Stock in ChronWatch, letting us peek into the looking glass of a Hillary presidency...

We have frequently heard the line, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." The truth is that hell hath no fury like any woman ticked off--about anything. Men know this and so do women. When it comes to holding grudges, men don’t hold a candle to women. If Hillary Clinton didn’t need Bill alive to help her during her campaign, Bill would probably have suffered a tragic accident by now and no woman on a jury would convict her.

The insect world is particularly rife with female domination. Ever hear of a Black WidowER spider? A slow male Black Widow spider is a dead male Black Widow spider. Ants and bees have many things in common but the most interesting is that most of them of are female. All but the queens are sterile and the workers will assassinate the queen if she doesn’t live up to their expectations. The workers will simply make a new queen. Mating bees have only one survivor. The male is killed in the loving mating process. Any males left over that didn’t get a chance to mate are summarily slaughtered by the sterile females. The worker bees can make more males too. While feminists may like this arrangement, in the world of humans this isn’t a viable solution.

... it's so nice to hear a woman say that!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007



I have to look through the deck of jokers to see if there's anyone that's not as bad as Newsom. I'm not holdung my breath. Ditto for D.A.; it looks very much like 4 more years of sweet plea bargaining from our "smart on crime" criminal lover! There are a bunch of useless propositions as well which you should probably vote 'no' on. But I'll have 'em up soon.

Happy Halloween!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Atlanta Area Set To Run Out Of Water In 3 Months - Gee, I Wonder Why?

Because of my back operation, I was forced to cancel my trip to the South - which included a trip to Atlanta to take in the NASCAR Nextel Cup race that was run on Sunday the 28th.

So it's interesting that I'm coming across a lot of articles about the severe drought facing the Atlanta area.

As two posts by Limits To Growth and their sources show, it is not jobs or culture that we should be worried about losing when thinking of the illegal alien invasion.

It will be much, much more basic than that.

"As mentioned here earlier, northern Georgia will run out of water in three months if the rains don't come. The state has doubled in population in just forty years, but MSM does not discuss such sensitive topics. Americans are supposed to suffer quietly as the most basic components of their quality of life are sacrificed so millions of foreigners can move here"

Georgia's population has doubled - from 4 million to over 8 million - in just 40 years. And somehow, the mainstream media just can't (or won't) put 2 and 2 together to figure out the rather obvious truth that if you allow a places population to explode beyond the land's ability to care for them you are going to be Fucked with a capitol 'F'!

As bad as the situation in Georgia is right now, it will be nothing compared to what California is facing; according to the Cal Dept. of Finance, California can count on 60 million people by 2050 - an almost 75% increase in 43 years! It is important for us to look at what is happening on the small(er) scale now, because it will be very telling for out future. And it doesn't look good.

Given our water shortages that are guaranteed to come to virtually every state in the union, you have to wonder about politicians, businesspeople, and ethnic groups who actually believe that bringing in over a hundred million more poor, uneducated immigrants is a good thing for America. Why would an allegedly sane person argue such?

When you look at the death of civilizations - particularly the great ones - you see that it is a sudden shock involving resources that is oftentimes the culprit. The great ancient civilizations almost inevitably vanish due to a protracted drought, a string of brutally cold or hot years, or something like deforestation or crop failure.

And we're looking for people on airplanes fiddling with their shoes!


NOTE: Added article from Man or Maniac, great before and after pictures

Friday, October 26, 2007

Made It Back Alive!

Hey Everyone!

I made it back in one piece.

Just thought i'd drop everyone a line to tell you that the surgery is over... and I'm on the road to recovery!

On Friday, October 19th, my Dad took me to the hospital to get my surgery done (a transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion - or TLIF - for those keeping score). The surgery took several hours but went pretty well. The waking-up was pretty traumatic, but the recovery went pretty well, the food was terrible...and I don't think I would have made it without the TV (that had only 10 channels - but luckily Turner Classic Movies was on 24 hours a day - I think I developed a "thing" for Norma Shearer!).

All I want now is the world
and Norma Shearer...

I was in until this Tuesday, and last night was my first night in my rented hospital bed. I slept for 12 hours.

I am doing pretty well, walking as much as I can. I'm supposed to stay home for the first week, but I feel like taking my walker outside and running around! But then, it's not a 'runner' - it's a 'walker' I am still very sore in the spot where they did the operation. It feel like my spine is being held together with a piece of twine (instead of what it's REALLY held together with, which is some pins and screws!). I am going to be good and stay home and walk up and down the hallway till I scream.

But the big question is... did it work??? I have to say that - at the moment - the answer seems to be yes! The crippling sciatic nerve pain is gone! GONE! I sat in a chair for the 45 minute ride home from the hospital, and, as anyone of you who dealt with taking me to one of my appointments knows, just the thought of spending 3 minutes seated in a chair would have driven me to tears. I do have a significant amount of numbness is in my right foot and leg - but it has gradually diminished from the date of the surgery - and I'll take numbness over searing pain any day! It should - hopefully - continue to diminish. I'm already taking about half the pain medication I was taking before the surgery - and that's with the incision pain!

I have to thank my Dad and brother Dan for all of their help, to Judy and Stacey for taking care of me in the weeks leading up to the surgery, and to Swirly as always for putting up with me and helping out. and thanks to all of you. I really feel like I've turned a corner on a very rough couple of years, and I appreciate all the support and good wishes you all have given me. I feel like I am getting my life back.

Oh, and thanks, Norma, for getting me through those first few days! XOXO

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