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Veteran's Day at the SF Chronicle - Another Occasion for White Shame

I've noticed, going through the backtracking of my webstats, that some of you have been getting to this page by doing searches for "Tyche Hendricks," who, if you don't already know, is a writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. Hendricks writes regularly - almost exclusively - on immigration, from a rabidly pro-illegal alien point of view. I consider Hendricks to be a fundamentally dishonest journalist, who is never beneath spouting blatant La Raza propaganda at every opportunity.

One would think that Veteran's Day would not be such an occasion. Guess again...

"Mister Edward," said Carrillo looking up from his mop, "I became an officer in the Air Corps, so I think I can probably do any goddamn job you give me." The next week he was promoted to a position in the roasting and grinding department. He retired from the coffee company five decades later after rising to manager of the production plant.

Just as the war was a turning point in Carrillo's life, it emboldened countless other Latinos to speak up for fair treatment, and gave momentum to a nascent civil rights movement among Latinos as it did with African Americans.

Two of the groups founded by Hispanic World War II veterans, the American GI Forum and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, worked for years to end discriminatory poll taxes and all-white juries, and to eliminate segregation in schools and other public places.

here's a few selected comments in response posted on the SFGate website...

guillermo wrote:

How in the world the SF Chronicle in general, and Tyche Hendricks, in particular, can take a national day of respect for American veterans, and turn it into a lecture to the readers about racism in America, turns my stomach beyond description. You people at the Chronicle should hang your heads in shame. It's disgusting. You are not even capable of keeping your agenda in your pocket for the sake of the ALL veterans on a National Holiday established to honor them? Regrettably, that speaks miles about your newspaper.

sfreader07 wrote:

The Chronicle never misses an opportunity to spin some unrelated event into pro-illegal-alien propaganda. No wonder they have to fire reporters and their circulation is dropping.

Wise111 wrote:

Im a veteran, and this article is downright disrespectful to all veterans. When I was in the Army, I served alongside blacks, latinos, pacific-islanders, and people from every race and socio-economic background. Today is Veterans day, tommorrow is Veterans Day observed, yet this is the only article I found on the Chronicle that talked about Veterans Day, and it only highlighted one racial group out of the multitudes of racial groups that have served in our military past and present. The highlight of Veterans Day shouldn't be on racism or bigotry, but rather how men and women from every class and racial background have fought and died for the same cause on the same ground. To single out only one group and somehow fit it to modern politics for Veterans Day is not only disrespectful, but it also highlights the fact that citizens don't care about Veterans. People want to show "support for the troops", but why is it that there are so many homeless and jobless vets, or articles like this?

jason_r94102 wrote:

I don't understand why segregation is acceptable when it's positive - "Latinos served their country in World War II, etc etc" but not when it's negative. As long as people continue to identify themselves as a particular, different race, instead of all part of one human race, there will always be segregation - both positive and negative. Do Latino WWII veterans deserve as much respsect as those of any other "race"? Of course. Is it important that they are Latino? NO. Just as it's not important if someone is white, black, or anything else. People should be judged on their actions - their service to their country is honorable. It also has nothing to do with their race. If there were an article about the contribution of white soldiers in WWII that would be condemned as racist immediately. I'm sure I will now be called a racist.

pacificaharry wrote:

Thankfully the many posts on here are dead on. Why on earth do people believe this country is a giant empty receptacle filled with special interest groups? While I honor those brave hispanics for their service, they do not deserve to be singled out - only when we specivically are focusing on hispanic soldiers contribution. My Jewish Gpa served, yet Burns didn't cover the contributions of Jews in WWII? Didn't anyone notice the documentary was focused on how the war effected 4 cities, not 4 ethnic groups? This is a sympton of the problem of multiculturism, whereby everyone attempts to celebrate differences among us, not similarities. This is typical Bay Area junk - shame on the Chron and those trying to diminish the overall contribution by brave Americans who fought together as one, not as individual ethnicities (even if they were treated unfairly before or after).

williamjb wrote:

There are no hyphenated veterans only *expletive deleted* journalists.

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