Thursday, November 8, 2007

And The News Just Gets Better and Better

While nobody in an official position has yet said "Look, this is really bad," more is coming to light about the fuel oil spill in S.F. Bay - seen above around Alcatraz. And, as the Chron reports, it's not good...

The fuel that spilled from a container ship into San Francisco Bay on Wednesday is a "nasty" oil that breaks down slowly, is hard to clean up and could affect marine life for years, environmentalists and oil-spill experts say.

The heavy-duty bunker fuel oil that leaked from the Cosco Busan after it clipped the base of one of the Bay Bridge's towers is what's left over after oil is refined for gasoline, and "it's the nastiest stuff around," said Gerald Graham of Victoria, British Columbia, who has been trained by the Canadian coast guard as an on-scene commander for oil spill cleanups.

"It doesn't tend to break down very quickly," Graham said. "It's cheap, and it's dirty. If the wind happens to blow it out into a channel or bay, it could spread, and then you could have miles of shoreline that could be affected."

Photos - from top to bottom -
Spill near Angel Island,
Kirby Cove (Marin Co.),
Aquatic Park (S.F.),
bird covered in oil - near Fort Baker Cove (Sausalito).

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