Sunday, November 18, 2007

SPORTS! on San Fransanity: Jimmie Freakin' Johnson Wins Another Championship

Jimmie Johnson, and his lovely wife, Chad Knaus, are once again NASCAR champions!

Jimmie certainly deserved it this year, blowing the doors off of everyone except Jeffie-poo. I was pulling for Jeffie-poo, of course - because Jeff was born in Northern California and is also a rabid 'Niner fan - but it was pretty clear that JJ was not to be caught this year.

The Happy Couple

Now anyone who knows me knows what a NASCAR nut I am. Unfortunately, due to health problems, I wasn't able to go to any races this season (and I had tickets to both Martinsville and Atlanta... d'oh!). That's gonna change. I'm definitely going next year to at least a few. Here's the tracks I've been to...

Infineon (obviously)
Las Vegas
New Hampshire

"Come, my little Belgian waffle..."

Next year I want to get to a few more southern races. Preferably to some unique tracks. I'd love to go pretty much anywhere, but I'd love to hit MVille, of course. And Bristol, obviously. But I'll take Darlington, Atlanta, Daytona, Talladega... heck, the last time I was at Homestead was before they banked it, so I may have to go back. And that, my friend, is a trip.... Homestead for the weekend, and then drive to the Keys!

And, as it turns out, my uncle grew up near Bristol, TN! How cool is that? Maybe while I'm down there I can bust into Rockingham and take a few laps around it, if they haven't already turned it into a Costco.

The King... at my house anyway

Whom did I root for this year? Well, my guy, Ward Burton, didn't do so hot. Good Ol' Ward finished the year in 47th Place, having started only 16 races, and finishing a mere 5,784 points out of the championship. He's got his wildlife foundation to keep him busy, ao I don't blame him for not puttin' the most urgent effort into his career. I mean, driving seems to be a small part of Ward's life now. Still, we'll always have Daytona 2002!

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