Sunday, November 4, 2007

Website of the day: zombietime

Cinnamon Stillwell hipped me to this one. It's called zombietime, and it's a really incredible collection of photos from San Francsco area protests - some of the best I've ever seen! I wish it said the name of the photographer so I could give him or her credit!

The photographer supplies comment to the hundreds of photos of protestors of all stripes and their signs. It offers an invaluable looking glass into the whole phenomenon of Bay Area protesting, in all of its glory and ugliness. People here wear their hearts on their signs, and you get to see every conceivable opinion from moderates to leftists to socialists to communists to racists and everyone in between.

The author focuses on the more batshit shade of leftism; some of the signs are just unbelievably delusional and sick. But San Fran is a place where people revel in their sickness, and at least their not hiding what they really think.

Check out the following pages...

Photos from the Tookie Williams execution - San Quentin - 12/12/05

Anti-Michael Savage Protest - 4/15/07

Photos from the zombietime Hall of Shame

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