Sunday, November 11, 2007

NY Governor Elliot Spitzer (Still) Needs A Good Bitchslappin'

NY Governor Elliot Spitzer, the alleged American who came up with the brilliant idea of giving driver's licenses to illegal aliens is now saying that maybe, just maybe, he has not ruled out rescinding the idea, which has proved to be about as popular as shit-flavored candy.

CNN reports that...

He (Spitzer) said Friday he was standing by the plan for now, but he suggested he might consider backing off if he could not build enthusiasm for it, The New York Times and other New York newspapers reported in Saturday's editions.

Maybe you would like to offer your encouragement to Governor Spitzer. Here's his email.

(As always when writing to government officials, you'll want to stay away from words like "completely batshit criminal-loving creepazoid" and "crazy wax-museum escapee with a Constantine complex." They hire people to screen out stuff like that.)

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