Thursday, November 29, 2007

If Illegal Aliens Are "Day Laborers," Are Hookers "Night Laborers?"

Hello hello. First dispatch from the SLO lane, equidistant between Baghdad by the Bay in the North and La Ciudad de Mexico Del Norte to the south. I'm here recuperating from my back surgery, taking short walks on long piers, and enjoying an extended visit away from the madness of the city.

San Luis Obispo is a great little area, but we don't have wireless down here where I'm at, so I''ve had to sneak on to other people's computers to do my business.

The local news consists mostly of a wrongful death suit finally going to trial over 2 women who died in the collapse of an old building in Paso Robles during the December 2003 earthquake. A host of water related issues takes up a lot of the other news; many communities here have moratoriums on building due to water and sewer issues, which means supply has outstripped demand for housing. Thus real estate is pretty pricey here, even by California standards.

I'll add to this post later. Gotta run before my Mom's secretary gets back!

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The Localmalcontent said...

wow, you take care and get better fast! Was this an injury?
See you when you get back.