Saturday, September 29, 2007

SPORTS! (because it's all I've got the energy for)

Y'know... there aren't many bright sides to being disabled, in crippling pain, and needing spine surgery... and don't let anyone tell you otherwise... but it did allow me to kick back in bed all day and watch one of the best college football weekends in years!

"Upset Saturday" won't soon be forgotten...

#3 Oklahoma lost to unranked Colorado
#4 Florida lost at home to unranked Auburn
#5 West Virginia lost to #18 Southern Florida
#7 Texas lost at home to unranked Kansas State (by 20! Sweeeet!)
#10 Rutgers lost to unranked Maryland
#11 Oregon lost to #6 Cal
#13 Clemson lost to unranked Georgia Tech
#21 Penn State lost to unranked Illinois
#22 Alabama lost to unranked Florida State

The biggest game was #6 California going to #11 Oregon. Started slow, but turned out to be an awesome game and a really big win for Cal. Oregon, driving to the goal with only seconds left, was hit right before the line and fumbled the ball through the endzone for a touchback. D'oh!!! Reminds me of 3 years ago when Cal won a huge game at Memorial Stadium on a dropped Oregon pass with seconds to go. I have to give it to the Oregon fans... they were up before sunrise to scream at the crew from ESPN's College Football Live. Like one of the signs said - "East Coast Bias Is A Crime!"

The other game I watched all the way through was #1 USC at Washington. I was kind of worried about Cal meeting Washington later in the year, but, after watching this, it should be no problem. USC did everything they could to hand the game to the Huskies - 3 turnovers, a blocked punt, a missed field goal, and over 160 yards in penalties. In the end, this game didn't show why USC is #1, but instead showed beautifully why Washington still has a long, long way to go. Washington will be a force to be reckoned with in a few years. But not now.

USC should not be #1. LSU should get the top spot, with USC second. Cal should be #3. Y'all have no idea how strange that is to a Cal fan from way way back! And, despite the loss, Oregon goes up - maybe as high as #7.

In the Women's World Cup (held in that new bastion of capitalism: Communist China) spurned goalkeeper Hope Solo has every right to be pissed... and I don't blame her one bit for leaving the team and not playing in the consolation match. She's just the latest unfortunate victim of Team USA's consistently inept coaching. The men's team crashed out of the World Cup in 2006 mostly due to Bruce Arena's timid, bizarre coaching, so I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that the same thing happened with the women's team.

If you're not working tomorrow, the last day of the baseball season should be awesome. I'm rooting for San Diego and Philly.

But, as fun as this day was, and tomorrow will be... I'd trade it all in for being able to walk again, or sit up in a chair, or eat while not lying down. Just 3 more weeks...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007


SportsCenter has just reported that the San Francisco Giants will not sign Barry Bonds next year!

Yesssss! Finally!

This season, I pledged that I would not attend another Giants game until Bonds left the team. It's not that I don't like Bonds. Okay, it's true... I
don't like Bonds, but it's only a part of the reason. The real reason is that the Giants have not even been a team for the last 5 years. They have been "Barry and Co." - a group of aged, lumbering veterans, whose main job was to bat around enough to get Bonds up to the plate as much as possible. The Giants were about one thing and one thing only: Barry Bonds. I doubt that there has been a team in major league history that was so totally built around one player. And, if you didn't happen to like that player, well, you just didn't count as a fan.

Barry getting taunted with asterisk signs.
Who knew Dodger fans could be so clever?

photo AP's Chris Carlson from LAist

There were some team people who felt they should have got rid of him last year; they argued that the Giants had to get started on rebuilding the team. But those were people who thought, wrongly, that baseball is about winning. As we all know, baseball is about putting butts in seats, and, from that standpoint, signing Bonds was the right thing to do.

Without Bonds, it is expected that attendance will be down. And that's a good thing. I have seen crowds of 10,000 at Candlestick make more noise than 40,000 at AT&T. The atmosphere at AT&T is really lame, more people talking on cell phones than watching the game. The fans have become very accustomed to losing, but it's not just that. The result has simply become irrelevant. The only thing that matters is Barry. Barry, Barry, Barry.

But now, that will change. The team will have to be rebuilt, with youngsters who will strike out, drop fly balls, and cause all kinds of headaches. But at least it won't be mind-numbingly boring - like it is now.

The Giants decision to drop Bonds next year - and bring him back this year - proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that baseball is a business. And they haven't been getting my business for years, but now I'll probably go to a few games. You can only build a team around one player for so long. And it's been way too long.

Where will Barry go? My guess is - nowhere. I predict he retires. I just can't imagine any team paying him what he wants to be a DH.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pass The Taser, Bro!

I haven't been able to keep up with the news lately... and I think that's a good thing.

I have a ruptured disc in my back, and am looking at fusion surgery soon. Hopefully. You never know with an HMO. Tonight I had an MRI and they moved the machine to a different building since the last time, so I spent a half hour laying in the back seat of my roommate's car in agony trying to figure out which building to go to, while somebody from radiology tried to give me directions. Neither one of us had a clue. So we rescheduled and I dragged myself into bed. About an hour later, the pain caught up with me, and I almost threw up from the agony.

But now, looking back on things several pills later,
I think it's the news that's making me want to throw up.

First of all, there's O.J. Sadly, there may always be an O.J.

As you all know, the
alleged alleged double-murderer is now in a jail cell in Vegas, charged with whatever he's charged with. Unfortunately, I think he's gonna walk. Again. A lot of news pundits have been saying that this looks like a set-up. What? Of course they were all black! But it does seem rather conveeeenient that the guy had a tape recorder. But maybe this was a "setup" in the same way "to catch a predator" is a setup - as in "a great way to get a sick criminal off the street." Maybe the guy was hired by the Goldman's to flush out O.J.'s mountain of wealth. Heard they already got his Rolex! HAHAHAH!

Then there's that wuss at that John Kerry thing. Now that was a set-up! This was a totally fucking staged; the agitator had a facebook page up within minutes after the event. I'm amazed that people actually are debating this and managing to keep a straight face. The question is - did the cops go too far? Well, first of all, nothing made me laugh harder this week than hearing that tool scream "Don't tase me, bro!" BRO?!? Who the fuck says bro? That in and of itself is a tase-able offense!

The cops were totally stupid. Even
I know that you take the windbag out of the auditorium before tasing him! But it pisses me off that the media are making this guy out to be someone whose opinion is worth anything. The guy was obviously an agitator, he was out to at least disrupt the speech - if not get arrested on purpose. As soon as the cops had him down, they were immediately surrounded by people with videocameras! Look, he swung at the officers. He was taken down for it. Stupid little queen!

Put him in the cell with O.J... we all know how much he likes the white bitches...

And then we have possibly the ultimate frivilous lawsuit!
Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers is suing God - saying that "God has made terroristic threats against the senator and his constituents, inspired fear and caused 'widespread death, destruction and terrorization of millions upon millions of the Earth's inhabitants'."

Chambers has pulled shit like this before... he has been called "the angriest black man in Nebraska" and is known for his loooong tenure in the state senate and his mad filibustering skillz. He is the only black lawmaker in Omaha.

Chambers is a racist bigot - by his own admission - and seems to take great satisfaction in angering white people. Read this interview with Mother Jones to see the depth of his hatred for whites. He basically calls Martin Luther King, Jr. an "Uncle Tom!" I will give him this... at least he is honest about his racist, bigoted ways. So was Hitler. I hope God counter-sues!

It's scary as hell when Britney Spears is the least crazy person on the news!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Communist Scum At SF State Disrupt 9/11 Memorial

San Francisco State (my alma mater) has more than it's share of disturbed junior cultists.

The communist jack-offs in this video are relatively tame compared to some of the other ones I used to see at State. These guys are all just a step or two away from that sick bastard in Blacksburg.

There are jihadists at State, and pretty much every other large, public institution. There are many pro-Palestine groups as well, some of whom preach jihad openly. Hating Israel is practically an admissions requirement!

The schools do not have the resources (or, in leftist SF, the will) to research and monitor closely individuals or groups that have ties to known terrorists.

Thanks to SFist for the link.

What Day Is It?

Hi folks!!

Sorry I haven't been posting too much lately. I won't go into details, but I'm facing some pretty serious surgery soon, and I just haven't had it in me to do a lot of writing. But I appreciate all of you dropping by and I'll keep you posted on my progress. I love doing this blog and am grateful for people such as yourselves for dropping by!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Where Is The Fucking ACLU Now???

This from FAIR...

While the ACLU has vigorously attacked ordinances in communities like Hazleton, Pennsylvania, that have attempted to protect themselves against illegal immigration, arguing that they violate the federal government’s exclusive control over immigration policy, the ACLU apparently has no problem with local governments that interfere in immigration policy that favors illegal aliens.

In July, when the city of New Haven, Connecticut, became the first in the nation to decide to issue ID documents to illegal aliens with the express purpose of making it easy for illegal aliens to live and access public services in the city, none of the ACLU’s typical concerns about local interference in a federal matter were raised. The city-issued cards are intended to allow illegal aliens to open bank accounts, use city services, and identify themselves to local police with assurance that they will not be reported to federal immigration authorities.

Not only does the ACLU not see New Haven’s actions as an infringement on federal authority, but neither seemingly does the U.S. Department of Justice, which has remained silent on the matter. Nor does Connecticut’s attorney general apparently believe that New Haven is violating any state laws as he has also declined to take action against the city’s overt abetting of illegal aliens.

Now that San Francisco appears to be taking the first steps towards granting its own amnesty, where is the ACLU?

First off, I don't believe that San Franciscans are really doing this for the sake of the illegal aliens in our city. It is being done to appease the malignant narcissism that rules this town. It is being done so bleeding heart socialists can look in the mirror and bask in sticking it to the red-state conservatives - which is the driving force behind virtually all politics in San Francisco. Results here are not important; what is important is that we look good to ourselves while doing it.

Yes, it is very sick. But that is the way we are.

I'm not a lawyer (so don't shoot!) but I fail to see how Hazelton, PA's efforts are illegal while New Haven's are not. And the fact that the ACLU is silent on the issue of IDs shows perfectly what they are all about, and what they stand for.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

San Francisco To Become Bitch Of Illegals

There was no way we were going to be out-liberaled by bloody New Haven!

San Francisco's favorite 98-pound weakling, Supervisor Tom Ammiano, is threatening to introduce legislation that would create a City card - a la bloody New Haven - that would basically institute a municipal amnesty.

San Francisco Supervisor Tom Ammiano is drafting legislation to create a city identification card for immigrants unable to get traditional ID cards, a move likely to anger advocates of tougher immigration enforcement.

The cards would be accepted by all city agencies and organizations that receive city funding. Ammiano plans to introduce the legislation within a couple of weeks. He also is trying to persuade financial institutions to allow residents to use the cards to open accounts

It should probably not be surprising that this is happening. It was only a matter of time before the batshit Board pulled something like this. I would have thought it would be Sandoval or Daly (or Newsom), but Ammiano still has a shred of credibility in this city - although pretty much only in the city's large gay establishment.

Still, as you can imagine, I am not amused.

Newsom has said that every San Franciscan should get one - regardless of (lack of) immigration status. That I can get behind... it's about bloody time that San Francisco's taxpaying citizen's get some of the perks the illegals do... like free emergency room visits and the ability to set up free bank accounts with no proper ID.

And those who don't think that terrorists and other crooks won't take advantage of this are in denial about the fact that this card's intended design is to AID AND ABET CRIMINALS! Why should we care which criminals are getting it?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

BLOG OF THE DAY - NASCAR gossip at FanHouse

Oooooh... dish!

Two of my favorite things - NASCAR and bitchy gossip pages - together at last! Which driver does Parasite Hilton have her claws into? What's the latest on the Erin Crocker/Ray Evernham scandal? Who is being suspended for violating NASCAR's substance-abuse policy? Are Jeffy-poo and Ingy happy with their Manhattan apartment???

Two Moons Over My Hamlin??

For all this and more, check out NASCAR FanHouse, and especially check out the gossip page.

But the big question is... will we be seeing Ashley Judd at the track if Dario Franchitti comes over from IRL? Grrrroooowwwrr!

Monday, September 3, 2007


One of the main problems in regards to the illegal invasion - maybe THE main problem - is that illegals have used a loophole in the 14th Amendment to the Constitution to justify an invasion of American soil.

The 14th Amendment - a provision enacted right after the Civil War in order to make children of slaves American citizens - has been hijacked by illegal invaders, and has been (wrongly) interpreted to mean that "any foreigner sneaky enough to get into the country can plop out a baby (or 6) - and immediately become the parent of an American Citizen - thereby making it very difficult to remove them." The illegals know this; why else would so many pregnant women make the dangerous trip across the border?

There have been efforts made over the years to clarify the Amendment to erase the ambiguity, and the latest such effort is H.R. 1940, and here it is, in its entirety...


To amend section 301 of the Immigration and Nationality Act to clarify those classes of individuals born in the United States who are nationals and citizens of the United States at birth.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


    This Act may be cited as the `Birthright Citizenship Act of 2007'.


    (a) In General- Section 301 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1401) is amended--
      (1) by inserting `(a) IN GENERAL- ' before `The following';
      (2) by redesignating paragraphs (a) through (h) as paragraphs (1) through (8); and
      (3) by adding at the end the following:
    `(b) Definition- Acknowledging the right of birthright citizenship established by section 1 of the 14th amendment to the Constitution, a person born in the United States shall be considered `subject to the jurisdiction' of the United States for purposes of subsection (a)(1) if the person is born in the United States of parents, one of whom is--
      `(1) a citizen or national of the United States;
      `(2) an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States whose residence is in the United States; or
      `(3) an alien performing active service in the armed forces (as defined in section 101 of title 10, United States Code).'.
    (b) Applicability- The amendment made by subsection (a)(3) shall not be construed to affect the citizenship or nationality status of any person born before the date of the enactment of this Act.

Simple, no?

Unfortunately, many past efforts have never got off the ground. And you can look around you and see the results.

So here's what you can do...

1) Sign the petition in support of H.R. 1940

2) Write your representatives and ask them to support this and all other measures to clarify the 14th Amendment and bring an end to the "anchor baby" problem. It has done too much damage already.

"The Constitution is not a suicide pact"
- Abraham Lincoln

Travel Industry Works To Undermine American Security

As many of you know by reading my profile, I work in the travel industry. As this recent post on Limits To Growth explains, the travel industry has been a leading - and somewhat behind-the-scenes - player in making sure America's security is always subservient to making a buck.

Many of the Visa Waiver countries are in Europe, now home to tens of millions of Muslims, a considerable proportion of whom are hostile to Western values. Retired Immigration Officer Michael Cutler underlines the connection between the tourist industry and the Visa Waiver program, which allows citizens of 27 countries to enter America without the important screening that a visa application requires.

"I have been told by unimpeachable sources in Washington that it is the executives from the travel, hospitality and tourism industries that have been behind the continuation of the perilous Visa Waiver Program."
[Government's Illusional Border Security News with Views 6/11/07]

-Peter Gadiel of 9/11 Families for a Secure America made the same point when he testfied before Congress on March 20 of this year...

"My members and I paid a terrible price for the open borders espoused by the travel industry, which profits from our governments failure to properly screen the millions of aliens who enter our country each year. So I will not mince words: the policies that the travel industry successfully lobbied for led directly to the admission of the terrorists of September 11 and thus to the murders of 3000 Americans."

It's sad to contemplate that our national security is severely compromised by the travel industry's demands and Washington's slavish obedience to business above all else.

All of the pictures on this post were taken by me, on a recent trip to New York. I spent a day at the Ground Zero site, taking the walking tour and checking out the galleries at Tribute WTC. It is the galleries, of course, where you get the true impact. i highly recommend it to every American, and to every foreigner as well. Look at these pictures and don't ever forget what this is all about!

(click on the individual photos to see screen size versions)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

SPORTS! on San Fransanity

It's Sunday, which means that I'm loose in, loose off, and tight in the center!

AAAARRRGGGHH! Brent Musburger twice in one weekend!!! The Brent-ster was apparently so bent out of shape from the "hippies in trees" incident at the Cal v Tennessee game that he had to get some redneck therapy at the California Cup Race (I'm talking about NASCAR if you haven't figured it out yet).

It was actually a good race - considering that California is traditionally a snooze-fest and the commentary sure didn't help any (supplied by the scintillating Rusty Wallace and the "still trying... honestly" Dale Jarrett). The bleachers were actually full, unlike the spring race, which showed huge swaths of empty standage.

Mikey Waltrip showed he still knows how to explode. Jeffy-poo caused a wreck. JJ won. Like you care.

The consensus seems to be that Junebug (that's Dale Earnhardt Jr. - do I have to start from the beginning???) is toast... but I'm still hoping! Not cuz I care about Junior at all, but if the cards fall right he could knock Kevin "Ratface" Harvick out of the Chase for the Cup!

That would be AWESOME!

photo: J.P. Montoya looks to bitchslap yappy punk
Kevin "Ratface" Harvick at Watkins Glen.

(Afterwards, Harvick went back
to his trailer
to cry to his wife, Delana...
who bitchslapped him for being such a wuss.)

Get Your Facts Straight

Just spent some quality time digging into the website for FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform). This is an excellent resource and a good place to get a grasp on the full magnitude of the illegal (and legal) immigrant invasion.

This page gives you the link to find out - in detail - how immigration affects your state. The California page is particularly scary.

Both FAIR and NumbersUSA have free faxing stations where you can write a letter to your representatives to praise them for their stance - or tell them where to stick it - tastefully, of course. Go there now and bookmark 'em; you'll need 'em soon.

One page I love to read is the page of anti-illegal invasion quotes by famous people. Anti-border Marxists always love to take "founding father" quotes out of context to make it look like the people who founded this country are actually
in favor of it completely being overrun by foreign invaders! It's now a well established propaganda tactic. Give 'em a taste of their own medicine with choice quotes like this one... which I love to lob at so-called "environmentalists"...

"In the American Southwest, where I happen to live, only sixty miles north of the Mexican border, the subject of illegal aliens is a touchy one -- almost untouchable. Even the terminology is dangerous: the old word wetback is now considered a racist insult by all good liberals; and the perfectly correct terms illegal alien and illegal immigrant can set off charges of xenophobia, elitism, fascism, and the ever-popular genocide against anyone careless enough to use them. The only acceptable euphemism, it now appears, is something called undocumented worker. Thus the pregnant Mexican woman who appears, in the final stages of labor, at the doors of the emergency ward of an El Paso or San Diego hospital, demanding care for herself and the child she's about to deliver, becomes an 'undocumented worker." The child becomes an automatic American citizen by virtue of its place of birth, eligible at once for all of the usual public welfare benefits. And with the child comes not only the mother but the child's family. And the mother's family. And the father's family. Can't break up families, can we? They come to stay and they stay to multiply.

What of it? say the documented liberals; ours is a rich and generous nation, we have room for all, let them come. And let them stay, say the conservatives; a large, cheap, frightened docile, surplus labor force is exactly what the economy needs. Put some fear into the unions: tighten discipline, spur productivity, whip up the competition for jobs. The conservatives love their cheap labor; the liberals love their cheap cause."

" occurs to some of us that perhaps ever-continuing industrial and population growth is not the true road to human happiness, that simple gross quantitative increase of this kind creates only more pain, dislocation, confusion, and misery. In which case it might be wise for us as American citizens to consider calling a halt to the mass influx of even more millions of hungry, ignorant, unskilled, and culturally-morally-generically impoverished people. At least until we have brought our own affairs into order."

"To everything there is a season, to every wave a limit, to every range an optimum capacity. The United States has been fully settled, and more than full, for at least a century. We have nothing to gain, and everything to lose, by allowing the old boat to be swamped."

-Edward Abbey (One Life at a Time Please, 1978)

Saturday, September 1, 2007

SPORTS! on San Fransanity

Yeah, you know it
You know the story
Tell the whole damn world
This is Bear Territory!

Yesssss! Sweet revenge for Cal on this day as the Bears beat Tennessee in what turned out to be an awesome game. Cal set the pace for most of the game, but the momentum shifted in the second half, with Tennessee starting to close in. After a long injury time out due to a Tennessee player almost breaking his neck, the Vols got the ball back on the goal line and looked to have a shot at maybe possibly mounting a comeback. That lasted for three plays. And it was all over. Final score - 45-31.

Deshawn Jackson made one of the greatest punt return touchdowns you will ever see. It will be all over SportsCenter tonight and for many months to come. Don't miss it!

ABC Announcer Brent Musburger couldn't resist making fun of the hippies squatting in the oak trees. He actually sounded angry about it on a few occasions. Cranky old man. You're in Berkeley, square... get used to it!

All in all, though, it wasn't a bad job by ABC. They have an SEC bias - as does SportsCenter, the BCS, and everyone else in college football - but they didn't let it get in the way too often. And, to be fair, Tennessee did make a very good showing. The bastards.

Roll On You Bears!!!