Friday, November 9, 2007

Welcome to San Francisco - The Craziest Place On Earth

San Francisco is not known for its high level of mental health. By my own unscientific estimates I would say...

1 out of every 7 San Franciscans has some sort of mental illness,

1 out of every 15 San Franciscans is functionally crazy,

and 1 out of every 20-25 San Franciscans is clinically insane.

Even the apologists for the criminally insane that roam the streets have had a hard time with the case of Scott Thomas - a young, very crazy man who was released from San Quentin prison, and, the very next day, nearly stabbed a 15-year old girl to death at a bakery near San Francisco's Twin Peaks.

Amazingly there are people - allegedly sane people - who are apologizing for this monster. Seriously... click on the link above and just read some of the comments!!!! For the most part, they are the same batshit liberal scum who believe that all criminals are just misunderstood and that crime victims (particularly white ones) get what they deserve. For those wondering where I got my previous numbers... I worked these people in.

I have personally known 2 people who have been murdered by insane street people over the years here. A girl I went to high school with was shot to death in Golden Gate Park by a deranged lunatic, and a well-known local musician was shot to death in the Panhandle after his dog chased some pigeons and some nutjob took offense.

I am so fucking sick of the insane running this town. I rarely get comments on my posts but when I do its usually on the subject of mental illness, with these awful, mentally castrated people saying "don't judge." I really do believe that there are so many apologists for the criminally insane here because there very simply are
so many criminally insane people living here!

For God fucking sake, San Francisco... please do something about your rotting minds! If you think you have a problem with drugs then for fuck's sake - get some help! And all of you saying "I'm self-medicating"... I will bet you a hundred bucks that - if you stop doing drugs - your mental health problems will "magically" go away!

Seriously... you people are driving me nuts!

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