Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sports! on SanFransanity! - Missouri, ASU latest schools to get screwed by BCS

I fucking hate the BCS. Now you know.

I hated the BCS even before the #5 Cal Bears were screwed out of a Rose Bowl by a bootlicking Texas Longhorn head coach in 2005. And, every year, it gets worse and worse.

Sadly, the system Is not going to change. We folks who believe that college football is about rivalry and tradition are sad anachronisms. College football today is about one thing: money. Lots and lots of money. Too much money is being made by too many people to change the BCS system.

The Betting Fool - the anonymous sports odds-maker in the SF Chronicle who is actually pretty hilarious - has ripped into the BCS this year and come up with his own picks for the Bowl matchups...

Here's the fetid mess we have...

Georgia vs. Hawaii (Sugar Bowl)
Kansas vs. Virginia Tech (Orange Bowl)
Illinois vs. USC (Rose Bowl)
Oklahoma vs. West Virginia (Fiesta Bowl)

...not a single interesting game in the bunch. Betting Fool's matchups are far more interesting...

Georgia vs. USC (Rose Bowl)
Oklahoma vs. Virginia Tech (Orange Bowl)
Arizona State vs. Hawaii (Fiesta Bowl)
Missouri vs. Arkansas (Sugar Bowl)

Now, if I were in charge of polishing this turd, I would have 8 teams make it instead of 10, pick the best two from the four bowl games and have that be the national championship game. That way the fucking bowl games would still mean something. Wouldn't you much rather see Ohio State in the Rose Bowl - y'know, where they belong?!?

But still, in my oh-so-humble opinion, the only way to fix the BCS is to affix a large quantity of TNT to it and blow it back into the dark recesses of the moneygrubbing minds who thought the whole dastardly scheme up.

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