Wednesday, November 7, 2007


A Hanjin container ship bound for Korea tears itself a new hole on the Bay Bridge. According to the Chronicle article (which is where the pic came form)...

The Coast Guard said fuel from the vessel was leaking into the bay. It said authorities were trying to determine how much fuel had been spilled and why the ship had hit the bridge.

Great. Just great. This town isn't enough of a shipwreck apparently.

UPDATE: It's now Wednesday nite and this lite-hearted romp has turned a little uglier now that it's been discovered that a teensy-weensy bit of fuel oil leaked out of the ship. How much? Oh... only about 58,000 gallons. The extent of the damage is not known yet, 8,000 gallons have so far been contained, but, according to this Chronicle article...

Within hours of the 8:30 a.m. accident, oil was showing up on the San Francisco waterfront and on Pacific Ocean beaches in Marin County. By nightfall, several beaches were closed to the public, and the state's Office of Emergency Services instructed Bay Area counties to begin assessing potential dangers to the public from contamination.

Well, I suppose we've been lucky... this is the first such accident in over 10 years. But I'm sure we'll get more info soon.

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