Saturday, November 3, 2007

If Women Ruled The World

I love this article by Barbara J. Stock in ChronWatch, letting us peek into the looking glass of a Hillary presidency...

We have frequently heard the line, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." The truth is that hell hath no fury like any woman ticked off--about anything. Men know this and so do women. When it comes to holding grudges, men don’t hold a candle to women. If Hillary Clinton didn’t need Bill alive to help her during her campaign, Bill would probably have suffered a tragic accident by now and no woman on a jury would convict her.

The insect world is particularly rife with female domination. Ever hear of a Black WidowER spider? A slow male Black Widow spider is a dead male Black Widow spider. Ants and bees have many things in common but the most interesting is that most of them of are female. All but the queens are sterile and the workers will assassinate the queen if she doesn’t live up to their expectations. The workers will simply make a new queen. Mating bees have only one survivor. The male is killed in the loving mating process. Any males left over that didn’t get a chance to mate are summarily slaughtered by the sterile females. The worker bees can make more males too. While feminists may like this arrangement, in the world of humans this isn’t a viable solution.

... it's so nice to hear a woman say that!

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