Sunday, November 11, 2007

60 Minutes Brings Up The Whole Insane Killer Thing

The first sentence is enough...

"When it comes to prisoners on death row who are insane, the law is very clear: you cannot execute them. The Supreme Court has ruled it unconstitutional and deemed it "cruel and unusual punishment."

Now, maybe we should just stop right there and fucking think about it.

But no, the show must go on. 60 Minutes tonight did a piece about mentally disturbed killer Greg Thompson, who has been in a Tennessee prison for 22 years for the brutal murder of Brenda Lane on New Years Day, 1985.

The state wants (or is going through the motions to appear to want) to execute Thompson, but, as is now becoming the fashion, the lawyers have played the insanity card, and, as also is becoming the fashion, the batshit crazy and their advocates have crawled out of the woodwork and posted some truly unbelievable shit in response. Check it out for yourself.

The story brings up a seemingly silly conundrum... should the state give medication to a mentally ill person to make him sane enough to execute?

That may sound like a crazy question. The real craziness is that the question even has to be asked. The true insanity goes back to the assumptions of that first statement at the top of the post.

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