Monday, November 5, 2007

VOTE tomorrow!

Why? Beats me!

Normally, I'm the first person to slap some sense into anyone who tries to tell you your vote doesn't matter. It's really hard this time around. The mayor's race is a fucking joke, the D.A. is a fucking joke without a race, the Sheriff's race is 2 identical people running against each other.

The only mayoral candidates that don't make me want to either vomit or strike out blindly in a homicidal rage are, in no particular order...

Lonnie Holmes
Harold Hoogasion
Chicken John Rinaldi

All of the other candidates are running highly racialized campaigns (displaying varying degrees of "commitment to diversity" which is code for "we will stand up for everyone who isn't white." And that's fine... if you think that's a winning strategy... just don't expect me to vote for you! The few not running on purely racial platforms (and SF is against racism... riiiiiiigght!) are running on silly one-issue campaigns about public nudity or whatever.

I sincerely hope that I am not living in this City when the next election rolls around. I've been here way too long. I need to spend some time around normal people.

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