Saturday, February 14, 2015

Have You Gotten Your Affluenza Shots?

Today a woman came into work and was almost apoplectic with rage... because people with SUV's and pickups were parking in the "compact" zones.

I just wanted to grab her by the collar and yell, "You could be living in fucking Syria right now.  You could be in Mali or Nigeria and being dragged off by Boko Haram.  You could be in fucking Yemen or Somalia.  So shut the fuck up and thank God you live in a place where you can be offended by such tiny, insignificant things."

I didn't do that though.  I just nodded with her and agreed.  After all, it's a cruel world out there and we're all in this together!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Antioch Hood Nigger Set To Get Life For Raping Pizza Delivery Girl

Just when you think you've seen the lowest of depravity, this pops up...

A 17-year-old boy charged as an adult in connection with the alleged kidnapping, sexual assault and robbery of a woman delivering Domino’s Pizza in Antioch was wearing a GPS ankle monitor, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Darrion Miles Jr., 17, appeared in Contra Costa County Superior Court in Martinez on Wednesday on felony charges of forcible rape, sodomy, oral copulation, digital penetration, kidnapping, robbery and making criminal threats.

He did not enter a plea and was held at juvenile hall in lieu of the $6.4 million bail.

Authorities would not say why Miles had been outfitted with an ankle monitor, but Miles referred to his “po,” or probation officer, on his Facebook page, which is peppered with derogatory references to women.

The attack happened after the 22-year-old woman arrived at a home on the 2800 block of Bluebell Circle about 11:20 a.m. Sunday to deliver pizza, police said.

She was getting out of her car when she was confronted at gunpoint by Miles, who forced her into her car, told her to drive to a second location about a quarter-mile away and sexually assaulted her, prosecutors said.

He then forced her to drive back to the first location, where he fled on foot after taking some of her personal property, police said. The woman returned to the restaurant, and police were called.
Officers arrested Miles at the home where the order had been placed. His father, Darrion Miles, has denied that his son committed a crime, suggesting to reporters that the sexual contact was consensual.

17 years old.  Seven-fucking-teen.  What kind of an asshole raises his son to be a fucking Lifer at 17?  I'll tell you who... Darrion Cocksucker Miles, Sr. that's who.  This despicable hood nigger has the unmitigated gall to come out and claim the old "white bitch wanted it" defense.  DNA don't lie, faggot!  Your son is going to jail for life, and it's your fault you fucking lowlife nigger.  He should have his fucking dock chopped off - and if you had you're fucking dick chopped off then maybe this whole thing wouldn't have happened!

I used to work at a pizza parlor back in the 80's... and even in Marin County, CA - the epicenter of white Liberal faggotry - we had a rule... we DO NOT DELIVER TO THE PROJECTS.  Back in those days we didn't give a fuck about "racial profiling" because we weren't yet perverted enough to deny the TRUTH.

Domino's is probably going to get sued for putting this woman in harms' way... AND THEY SHOULD BE!  Political correctness or no... you do NOT SEND A 22-YEAR OLD WOMAN TO DELIVER PIZZA BY HERSELF TO A NEIGHBORHOOD OF MOTHER-FUCKING HOOD NIGGERS!

I can't imagine what it must be like to be the manager of that Dominos - to have your driver come in bruised and battered and say, "I need to talk to you" - I guarantee you that if that manager was a Liberal... he isn't anymore!

God, I fucking hate hood niggers.  And if there's one thing I hate more than hood niggers... it's the white Liberal faggots who worship them!

Gotta LOOOOVE this... from said hood nigger's FB page...

"this psychic bitch ina city just told me I will experience death ina painful way at the age 19"

Maybe 18?  HAHAHAHA you stupid fucking NIGGER.