Sunday, November 4, 2007

Tammy Tells It Like It Is

I love Tammy Bruce. For those unfamiliar, she's a regular presence on Fox, but her story is a bit more interesting. She's an ex-Leftist, a former head of the L.A. chapter of NOW, and writer of several great books, including one of my favorites, "The Death of Right and Wrong." Here's a little excerpt (and a pic) from her website...

Border agents arrest convicted child rapist

Jose Cruz-Garcia, a 32-year-old Mexican citizen, was taken into custody on a charge of rentry into the country by an aggravated felon after agents spotted him in the desert west of Nogales, said Border Patrol Agent Dove Haber. Cruz-Garcia had been convicted of rape of a child in 1998 in Washington and was sentenced to a year in jail, Haber said...He is being held in a federal detention facility awaiting formal removal proceedings in a federal court, Haber said, adding a judge could order his removal or deportation.

Under removal he could not apply for permission to re-enter the United States for 10 years. If he is deported he could not apply to re-enter the country for about 20 years, Haber said.

LMAOROTF! "Apply" for reentry?! Hahahahahahahahah!! Oh, and what part of hell did we visit when we decided that rape of a child is worth only one year in jail? If you touch a child you should be executed. Plain and simple. One year in jail. 10 years ago and we catch him in 2007 coming back over. The number of times he's been back and forth, and the children he's raped in the last ten years, is a number we probably don't even want to contemplate.

Yeah, no reason whatsoever for a physical fence. All it would do is keep drug-smuggling vans from being able to drive across the border and it just might make it a tad more difficult for child-raping beasts to stroll on over.

... I could not say it better! I have to laugh when a tool like Geraldo Rivera has the gall to go on TV and lie through his bad moustache about the criminal element coming over the border. If you really believe that all illegals are humble busboys and fruitpickers, then you are either...

a) stupid

b) racist

c) a liar

d) all of the above

e) Geraldo Rivera

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