Friday, August 3, 2007

Terrorists In Our Midst - The "Black Klan" Gets Busted

News has come out today of an early morning raid on "Your Black Muslim Bakery" - a well known criminal front for a virulent black Muslim Fundamentalist cult led by child-rapist Yusef Bey, who died in October of 2003. Early speculation is that the raid had something to do with the broad-daylight , downtown murder of a prominent Oakland journalist, but press reports have been quick (a little too quick) to downplay this.

Bey's group (and Bey himself) has a long and well-known criminal history in the East Bay, including
crimes related to the vandalism of two West Oakland liquor stores in 2005 - crimes for whom the group were immediately fingered, but, for some reason, the city of Oakland failed to pursue strongly. Here are a few other tidbits from the Chron article...

Oakland police believe members of the Your Black Muslim Bakery were involved in "cleansing'' the area surrounding its business of undesirables, possibly including two men shot and killed last month, authorities say.

Police raided the business and seized weapons, including a shotgun and automatic weapon, authorities believe had been used in the string of attacks.

In recent weeks, authorities said, there have been a number of killings in North Oakland near the bakery at 5836 San Pablo Ave.

Police said they believed the killings of Michael John Wills Jr., 36, of Oakland, and Odell Roberson Jr., 31, were related, as apparently a similar weapon was used in both of them.

Wills was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds early on July 12 in the 6200 block of San Pablo Avenue, near a school playground and near the bakery.

Roberson, also of Oakland, was found shot several times early on July 8 in front of 1077 60th Street, not far from the bakery.

Sources say the two slayings are being investigated as possibly linked to the organization's effort to rid the area of transients.

The article also states...

The bakery and a related security firm have been under police scrutiny in the past. Several members of the group, which is not affiliated with the Nation of Islam, currently are charged with crimes related to the vandalism of two West Oakland liquor stores in 2005.

...which I don't believe is accurate - I believe that it has been documented that Bey's group is
connected to the Nation Of Islam, but I'll have to find some proof of that.

But, in any case, this group was nothing less than a black version of the Ku Klux Klan. And, much like its white counterpart, it is likely that the group had friends in high places - particularly in Oakland's city government, but probably on the police force as well. Still, it is great to see them getting taken down. It's sort of a miracle - given the political correctness in this area and the hands-off approach to black perpetrated crime - that a black organization was busted in such a big way. But, I'll say this... if I'm white and living in Oakland, I'm going to be real careful in the next couple of weeks!


Anonymous said...

The crime organization was an offshoot of the Nation of Islam, with Yusaf Bey, Sr. being a member years ago.

His on Farrakhan is in custody for the shooting of two southern police officers and was involved with Rap Brown formerly of the Black Panthers and other radical organizations until conversion to Islam around 1971.

Brown was part of the Nation of Islam, being the Imam in Atlanta, Georgia where he was associated with Farrakhan Bey, the brother of the suspect of the killer of Chauncey Bailey. Farrakhan Bey went to GA. after serving a prison term in Nevada for murder.

The organization is part of a splinter group of the Nation of Islam which is called Dar U Islam.

The difference between the organizations is Brown's group does not follow the Indian Sufi Shaykh. It is an umbrella group for about thirty Muslim organizations.

Rap Brown was questioned in the 1993 WTC Bombing and was surveilled following. He is currently in prison, serving a term for the murder of two Georgia police officers were were seeking him on a warrant. Farrakhan Bey first documented he (Farrakhan) killed the officers, then later recanted. All evidence went back to Bey.

The Bakery has housed and employed ex-cons for years and been involved in many acts of crime. It is more of a crime organization than a religious organization.

Anonymous said...

There should be a correction to the previous post. In the murder of the police officers, the evidence lead to Rap Brown, not Bey.

Upon arrest, Brown tried to shoot his way out. He was represented by CAIR

The Realist said...

Thank you masked man! I'll put your facts into a "summation" as this case continues to unfold! Cheers!

James said...

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There are some very intelligent,wonderful Blacks.But lets face it.Their an extreme minority.(Just like women with actual morals).