Monday, August 6, 2007

As The Black Muslim Bakery Scandal Reaches It's Peak... I'm taking the day off

Yup, I've been neglecting my other writing, so I'm taking the day off. Truth is I need a break from this fucking Bakery bullshit... some might think that it's over - now that the thug murderer (sorry... alleged thug murderer) has been caught. But there is some straight-up Jonestown shit going on in Oakland around this mess. It's becoming clearer and clearer that this cult had operated with almost complete impunity in Oakland because they were very well connected within the Oakland city government. And what was behind that was the fact that a lot of the city government is still living in the days of the Black Panthers... and these folks might have titles and suits but some of them - either through intimidation or because they are believers - tacitly approve of Bey's groups activities - including the violence! But I've said too much already.

Anyway, tomorrow is a day off. Enjoy!

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JANUS said...

Choose your words carefully friend...

You don't want to be "next" on the list. Just ask poor Chauncy.