Tuesday, August 14, 2007

LATE NEWS: Sandoval's Idiot Resolution Goes Down - Thanks to the One Man On The Board Who Supports the First Amendment - Ed Jew!

Amazing! Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval's resolution condemning Micheal Savage has failed! And, even more interesting, the man who shot it down was embattled Supervisor Ed Jew!

The resolution - which required a unanimous vote to pass - was about to go to a vote, after Sandoval commented that "he didn't see what public interest there (is) in Savage's show." He added that the show "incites behavoir that is nothing short of hysteria... like we saw in Nazi Germany."

Just before the vote, Supervisor Jew stood up and announced he would vote no on the matter, saying "the first amendment gives him the right to make those comments." He added "I don't believe that Savage's listeners are racist."

Knowing he was beat, Sandoval then launched into a bitter personal attack on Jew, saying if this was an attack on Chinese people "you would not stand with this rigid formalism."

The vote was taken and the vote was 9-1 in favor (with Daly being absent). YOU LOSE, RACE-BAITING PRICK!

Sandoval jumped up in the middle of the next item and asked that the item be referred to committee, which it was. So unfortunately, this isn't the end of this. But then this is San Francisco... where there is
never any end to the lunacy!

BRAVO to my new favorite Supervisor - Ed Jew!!!!

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tzinn said...

Good to hear this. Savage speaks for the majority of Californians, at least the English speaking legal residents. To hell with Sandoval and the rest of the "Frisco" fascists.