Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Looming Environmental Catastrophe in California

Here's an excellent article from VDare on the looming environmental catastrophe in California that WILL occur if immigration anarchy is allowed to continue.

Particularly relevant is the author bringing up the drought of the 1970's in the SF Bay Area...

In the late 1970s, California had a moderate drought, and after 2-3 years duration, severe restrictions were mandated. Residents were advised to take short showers, water their gardens with previously-used "grey" water saved from washing machines, etc and put a brick in the toilet tank to lessen by displacement the water used per flush.

Parts of Marin County ran out of water. There was a large pipe hung on the Richmond Bridge that carried water from the East Bay reservoirs to Marin.

I remember this well... I lived in Marin County during the 1970s and I remember the panic that was caused by this nightmare. We got through it... it wasn't easy, and we relied on ingenuity, community involvement, and a healthy dose of gallows-humor to get us through it. But those who lived here might be well served to jog your memories a bit and remember this time. It was NOT cool, and it WILL happen again if we continue on this suicidal course!

And every so-called "environmentalist" needs to seriously assess their beliefs and priorities, and decide what is more important... being an environmentalist or being a Leftist...

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