Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rep. Barbara Lee Issues Half-Baked 'Apology' In Wake Of Muslim Bakery Scandal

Sorry about that. US Rep. 'Bloody' Barbara Lee issued a statement (just a day after the reappearance of missing Mayor Ron Dellums), and, well, "statement" is about as far as it goes...

(Oakland, CA) – In response to constituent and media questions regarding the nature of the casework her office provided to Your Black Muslim Bakery, Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) released the following statement today:

“At the request of representatives of Your Black Muslim Bakery, my office provided a letter to a federal agency related to the bankruptcy.

“Like many people, I historically supported the Bakery because it has been an important institution in the community, but it is clear that is no longer the case.

“Knowing what we know now, we would not have provided such support, and we are reviewing our casework intake process in an effort to avoid any such circumstance in the future.

“The casework our office provided was casework that we would provide to ANY constituent who came into our office. Our mission has always been to serve ALL of our constituents equally and without preference. While this instance is an exception, we are in principle uncomfortable with the idea that federal offices should be in the habit of denying casework to anyone.

...And that's it.

Are you fucking kidding me? The absolute gall of these people is amazing. "Knowing what we know now"??? I guess you didn't have any problem with it when Yusef Bey was raping children, when his group was torturing people, or when his goons were intimidating businesses or marching goosestep into city council meetings, but NOW you have a problem!

After enabling this group of black supremacist thugs for years, after not saying anything until a well respected journalist was shot to death on the streets of Oakland in broad daylight... and this is all you can say. No apology. No acknowledgment at all that you were in any way wrong. Fucking incredible.

With "leaders" like these, African Americans are doomed to extinction.

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Anonymous said...

Politicians, especially those in the bay area are clueless idiots.

You would have to be blind, or, as muslim extremists prefer, intimidated, to have provided Your Black Muslim Bakery with any support whatsoever.

The American political system needs a complete rebuild to try and get people who actually have an IQ higher than 80 involved.