Thursday, August 9, 2007

Chris Daly Not The Only Batshit Marxist Whackjob On The S.F. Board of Supervisors

Chris Daly - the mental 12-year old Marxist whose name has become synonymous with "San Francisco Politics" - has introduced the most blatantly anti-American Citizen, anti-common sense, pro-Marxist piece of crap legislation since... well... since Tuesday. Per the Examiner...

As immigrants face skyrocketing application fees from the federal government, a new proposal by Supervisor Chris Daly could give financial assistance to those applying for citizenship.

Under a new fee structure the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services implemented last week, an immigrant applying for a green card would pay $930, an increase of $605. Other fees that increased were citizenship applications, which went from $330 to $595.

Daly requested on Tuesday that the city attorney draft legislation to create a plan to provide city subsidies to immigrants applying for citizenship, green cards and petitions for relatives, and workers. He has also requested an analysis of the total cost immigrants in San Francisco pay for such services.

Daly said the fee increases raise concerns that immigrants “cannot obtain safe pathways to legal immigrant status and citizenship” and “further exacerbates pressures on families, increasing stress.”

Apparently feeling he is not getting enough attention from the city's drug-addicted tranny street hookers and satanist lobby, District 11 Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval - who you may remember as the bloody genius who made the talk show rounds saying that America doesn't need an army - tried to one-up Daly by introducing a resolution condemning the “defamatory language used by radio personality Michael Savage against immigrants.”

“I really for the life of me cannot understand why there is not more media outrage to what Michael Savage said,” Sandoval said. He plans on holding a press conference on the steps of City Hall this Tuesday prior to the Board of Supervisors vote on the resolution. “The intolerant and racist comments of Michael Savage demand a strong condemnation,” Sandoval said.

Do you think Michael Savage let this attack go? HA! What do you think?

"Illiberalism is not only a mental disorder it is fascist at its core,” the mega-popular talk show host told "This schmuck says my comments are 'symbolic of hatred and racism.' And they want the City to sue me for 'symbolism.'

"There is no basis in American Law for such a suit but the larger point is the astonishing hate speech he is engaging in. To stop opinion by threatening legal action is akin to using the power of the State to control thought and speech.”

This, Savage fumed "is something out of Kafka and the ex-Soviet Union. Moreover, this illegitimi is working on behalf of a foreign government against an American Citizen. Does this constitute harassment against me? My attorney will soon answer this question as I ponder suing the City of San Francisco.”

Savage had suggested that a group of students who were fasting to advocate for immigration policy changes should be allowed to fast "until they starve to death, then that solves the problem.”

Meanwhile, Savage reminded NewsMax that the San Francisco Chronicle reported an apparent anti-Semitic remark Sandoval made, when he said that San Francisco residents who resented business leaders suing the city should picket them "at their houses in Tiburon and at their bar mitzvahs."

This fucking town...


Anonymous said...

Gerardo Sandoval is a leftist extremist to the nth degree.

After living in San Francisco for 12 years, I couldn't take it anymore and moved to a place where you're not sneered at for being straight and white and I couldn't be happier.

SF is going to hell faster than people realize. Check out for a photo documentary that shows the real SF.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised SF doesn't have a Supervisor named Ben Dover on the board.

Hope Savage sends these imbeciles packing.

Anonymous said...

Savage should pursue the suite against Scan-doval regardless of the threat of Tuesdays protest of 400 immigrants...illegal or not. The suit may have an impact on the Directors and Officers or Errors and Omissions insurance policy purchased by the city. This policy is purchased for these instnaces. Im hopeful that this suit could make the city uninsurable with Scan-doval in office. You can read between the lines or draw your own conclusions from here.

This is a slippery slop we are heading down and the powers that be must be stopped to ensure our Freedom of Speech.

God Bless Michael and his supporters for standing up for this country!