Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"I'm Just A Patsy!!!"

The word from InsideBayArea now is that 19-year old handyman/assassin Devaughndre Broussard's Lawyer - LeRue Grim (what a great name for a lawyer, si?) - has claimed that he was ordered to take the fall for the murder of Chauncey Bailey, and that Bakery kingpin Yusef Bey IV is the real shooter.

Grim said the details were told to him by Broussard during a jail house interview Sunday night.

"My client tells me that Yusuf IV came in and said, 'Everything is on the line for us and the bakery and we're in survival mode,'" Grim said of the conversation he had with Broussard. "He tells him, 'If you take this, you're young, we will get you an attorney, we will get you manslaughter, we will get you probation and a year in county jail.'"

How stupid of Broussard to actually believe he'd only get probation! This isn't San Francisco!!!

***And this from the comments section...


1. What ever happened to the Infamous White Van The Masked Killer Was Seen Getting Into, Police quoted They knew where it was ??

2. Doesn't take an einstein to figure out yusef bey 1V was guilty after seeing his ill prepared interview in front of the bakery

3. If Mr broussards allegations are true about the police roughing him up
why would they pass downtown oakland jail and transport him to the eastmont branch ??

4.Mr Broussard has changed his story
3 times in 3 weeks, are we ready
to hear exuse # 4 in week 4 ??

5. Why would OPD have a search
warrant 3 days prior to the killing
and do the raid after the killing

6. Mr Bailey was investigating a
unnamed opd officer for corruption
interesting this news never hit
the papers

7. Why Was The opd police chief
on the scene of the crime he
never leaves his desk

8. The 1 million dollars the bskery
stole from the city could have
paid for some more officers
opd badly needs

9. Funny how everyone who supported
the bakery from city hall are now
eating cheese,and iam not
talking about the janitors
mayor, assemblywoman, just to
name a few

10. when was the last time out side
of Law & Order You Heard about
a confession in less then 48

Now The Envelope Please
BEST ACTOR ( Yusef Bey 1V )
BEST ACTRESS (Mr Baileys Fiance )
BEST DRAMA ( Bakery Raid )
BEST REALITY ( People Charging For Parking At Mr Baileys Funeral )
BEST SPORTS ( OPD Taking Someonethe long Way To Thedowntown Jail

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