Sunday, August 26, 2007

SPORTS! on San Fransanity

The Examiner is reporting that Barry Bonds, the San Francisco Giants' slugger and number one distraction from their abject failure as a team, may not have as many endorsement opportunities after he finishes his career as some other star athletes. In fact, they're pretty much saying he'll be about as popular as O.J...

Barry shows off his winning smile
and SF mayor Gavin Newsom
wonders where the after-party is

"The home run king remains radioactive to corporate sponsors. A possible federal indictment for tax evasion and perjury, rumors of marital infidelity, alleged steroid use and an often combative relationship with the media is too much baggage for companies seeking an athlete to hawk its wares.

'Character, character, character is first and foremost in the minds of my clients,' said Scott Novak, who represents National Sports Marketing Network, the trade organization of the sports business industry.

...Bonds' marketing potential is also hurt by the fact that he is near the end of his career and he's on a losing team and has never won a championship, Novak said."

That's right... rub it in, Novak.

Everyone whines about the long-suffering Red Sox and Cubs fans, but what about us Giants' fans? In case you haven't noticed, the Giants now own the distinction of holding the current record for longest tenure in a city without winning a World Series: 49 years - and counting.

But back to what's-his-name... all of the points made in the article are valid - the tax evasion, the rumors, the (snicker) alleged steroid use and a combative relationship with the press - but why stop there? How about his supreme selfishness? His titanic ego? The fact that the Giants will not be competitive for years to come because the team has been built around him? Okay, so that last one is actually the fault of the Giants' (snicker) management, but still...

How did Bonds and his handlers respond to the suggestion that Bonds' personality might hurt his chances for endorsements?

"Bonds' marketing manager, Jeff Bernstein, did not return repeated calls and e-mails. Requests for interviews from Bonds' public relations staff were not answered."

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Mitch Haase said...

Barry Bonds is a disgrace to San Francisco. I refuse to accept him or his queer agenda.