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The City of Oakland breathed a sigh of relief today as missing Mayor Ron Dellums re-surfaced, alive and well. Details of what certainly must have been a harrowing ordeal were slim, but Dellums, in good spirits, took the opportunity to hold a press conference. He was mum about the details of his disappearance, but did take the opportunity to address Oakland's crime problem...

This is not a struggle we can afford to lose," Dellums said during a press conference at City Hall. "Not if we are going to go on as a civilized society. We must win or lose at our own peril."

Dellums stressed the importance of partnerships, collaborations and community cooperation to try and get violence under control in the city. Oakland has seen 80 homicidesthis year. That number represents a drop from the 84 homicides at this time last year, but the homicide rate has seen a significant hike over the summer, including last week's daylight slaying of Oakland Post editor Chauncey Bailey in downtown.

Of course! That's the solution to Oakland's ills... MORE SOCIAL PROGRAMS! As everyone knows, the only way to stop thugs from killing each other is midnight basketball!

Many of the commenters at InsideBayArea were quick to welcome back Dellums, and chime in on his ideas to lower crime in Oakland...
Wow. This is so much more pathetic than I imagined it would be.

I realize the skeptics doubt about the potential for success with this new action.but your City has no other option. I read about opinions what should be done. And many of the suggestions are valid, But talk & complaints just won't get the Job done.

As I see it your current Mayor is trying to act in the Cities favor, Your last Mayor was Mr. Talk and NO action now he's the States Attorney General?

I don't know if this recent action will help Oakland or not but you must get behind it. This action even if successful will only do so much. You must in parallel attack the route problem and that will take years! But when you street hoods feel confortable to walk up in
broad daylight and shoot and kill, Is pathetic. And that's were Oakland is.

The suggestion to put black cops in black problem neighborhood makes much sense. this way the black youngsters can relate and associate with a positive roll model.This should not just be a temporary action but be kept on going.A neighbor beat cop will do more good in the long run than many other temporary actions being suggested.

Gravatar Just incredible. I am speechless at how lame a response this is.

Mr. Mayor, you are in charge. Get that. You are no longer working in congress, so stop talking about what "they" are doing and not doing. Stop talking about how "complicated" the world is. We know it is, we know the CHP is temporary. How about this: "We understand this is a crises situation and I will devote every fiber of my being to solving the problem. Starting with: 1.) CHP intervention. 2.) Hiring more police up to the same levels as other municipalities. 3.) Parole issues 4.)Drug counseling. 5.)School counseling and policing.
Just pathetic. I wish I could have my vote back.

If I knew how to fix it I certainly would. Education seems to be a logical start, by putting much more resources into good schools, because the parents are not getting the job done instilling good values. The parents are trying, but can't control their children. But taking some personal responsibility in the community would help immensely. The 'stop snitchin' mentality does not help. Dressing like thugs does not help. Driving around in cars with loud bass blasting through quiet neighborhoods does not help. Congregating in front of liquor stores selling drugs does not help. Keeping children up all night in loud households does not help. Letting children call each other the n word does not help. Get the picture, people need to help themselves, and not expect others to solve their problems.
Dellums and his machine are the reason for crime in Oakland. It will continue to get worse until Oakland City Government is taken over by the Mexican politicians - who are waiting in the wings. They can hardly believe their luck. One or two more assinations of Black Establishment figures or their family members and the Black Middle Class will help vote the Mexicans into office.

If Dellums really wanted change - which he doesn't - He'd channel Bull Connor and turn OPD loose. He won't do that. The man is too old to change. He's spent all his life in law enforcement prevention and he can't change.

If Dellums had the skill of an Irish Politician he would put on a Flack Jacket, get a gun, and go out on ride alongs and search warrant executions with OPD. And send his staff along also.

Believe me, when the Mexican candidates come to power they will. They are quite aware of how the Irish went from the gutter to control of nearly every major American City within 2 generations early in the 19th Century - In spite of being despised as Catholics.

It's time for Dellums and his machine to step up to the plate and give the people what the so desperately want in Oakland - crime (gang) busting not social programs.

Besides, he could have a good time doing it. Playing against typecast is great fun. The gangs would be so shocked they'd wet themselves.
There are two one critical pieces missing from Dellums's plan, the one thing he must do for any crime-fighting initiative to succeed:

1. He must resign in favor of someone with a pulse.

2. The entire Oakland power structure must be removed.

They protect, nurture, and fund thugs.

"We are in the throes of a presidential election," Dellums said. "Many of you have already seen debates. Tell me how many times the matter of public safety has been talked about. It is absent from the public discussion."

Mr. Mayor,

Forget about the rest of the country.
Let someone else be the model city.
No one cares about Oakland but us.

I assure you the issue of public safety is the most talked about subject in my fair but fallen city of Oakland.

Enough posturing, enough social welfare.
Our police are understaffed and disrespected.
Get us more police officers NOW.
Well I thought that this was nearly the most honest response we could have hoped for:

He added he has seen little talk nationally about the homicide and crime problems plaguing cities.
"We are in the throes of a presidential election," Dellums said. "Many of you have already seen debates. Tell me how many times the matter of public safety has been talked about. It is absent from the public discussion. "There is a war going on in the cities of America with thousands of people dying," he said.
It would have been more honest, but dangerous politically to add the word Dellums knows, but can't say: black.

From the 15 most dangerous cities in the US:
St Louis, MO.: Black: 178,266 (51.2%)
Detroit, MI: Black: 775,772 (81.6%)
Flint, MI: 53.27% Black
Compton, CA: 40.31% Black
Camden, NJ: 53.35% Black
Birmingham, Ala.: 73.46% Black or African American
Cleveland, Ohio: 50.99% Black or African American
Oakland, CA: Black: 142,460 (35.7%)
Youngstown, Ohio: 44% Black or African American
Gary, Ind.: 84.03% African American
Richmond, Calif.: 36.06% black or African American
Baltimore, Md.: Black: 418,951 (64.3%)
Memphis, Tenn.: Black: 399,208 (61.4%)
Trenton, NJ.: 52.06% African American
Richmond, Va.: 57.19% African American

US Demographics: Black American 12.1% or 34.9 million
Notice that the top 15 worst all have at least 3x the population of African Americans than the national average.

Dellums is not magic worker...he is fighting a trend that effects all major black cities. This is a local, state and national disaster, how do you expect Dellums to solve these problems if no other city can?

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James said...

Look...I am Black.But he bottom line is 93 percent of the race is total and utter garbage.People's own behavior determines their circumstances.
I say we kill every Black with childern out of wedlock,in gangs,with a police record and/or illiterate.
It's not scientific but at least it's a huge step in the proper direction.
And us,educated,law abiding Blacks can start over with no embarrassment.
The funny thing is how uncomfortable this notion makes hypocritical Whites.