Monday, August 20, 2007

Humbled By The Growing Intellectual Revolution Manifest At Blog-Fest-West, "Summer Of Love" Organizers Throw In The Towel

On August 18th, in a room in Building C of the Fort Mason Center, the true rebel spirit of San Francisco manifested itself (AGAIN) as 40-plus bloggers, writers, and broadcasters met for the first Blog-Fest-West (clarification: the number in attendance was 40-plus, not the ages of those who attended. Oh, wait a minute...).

From Cinammon Stillwell's page... Billed as "The Right Side of the Left Coast," the event was an opportunity for those with right-leaning politics here in California to enjoy some likeminded company for a change.

I talked to people who had traveled from across town and across the country to come meet the faces behind some of the most interesting counter-cultural blogs out there. I met successful writers from all walks of life. But, more than being successful, it was lovely to be in San Francisco at a more-or-less political event and be surrounded by people who were actually smart, witty,
and happy. Being an ex-leftist, it was really refreshing! Yes, the times they are a-changin'...

In a no doubt related event, the organizers of the "Summer Of Love" festival have canceled, scrapping the entire hyped-up festival, and having an informal "picnic" instead. They obviously sensed that the tide is turning, and that thousands of wilted flower children are no match for a few dozen people who can present a cogent argument! Haircuts and Jobs For All!

The writing is on the wall... and, this time, it is in complete sentences!

***NOTE: Blog-Fest-West was such a success that the organizers are threatening to do it again! If you'd like to find out more, click here. Needless to say, as soon as anything is announced I'll mention it.

***ANOTHER NOTE: The lovely Simon Friedman has rightly pointed out that there were 2 'Summer of Love' concerts scheduled, and that the larger and better of the two is still going ahead as scheduled on 9/2. You can read about it here. Simon told me I shouldn't read too much into the canceling of the event "other than the last-minute denial of the permit and, likely, disorganization among the hippies putting on the event." Sorry Simon ol' pal... but reading too much into things is WHAT I DO! Thanks for the note!

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jeremayakovka said...

You are on fire. It's better to light one torch, I guess, than to curse the intellectual darkness of San Francisco.