Thursday, March 29, 2007

What the pro-illegal folks don't want you to see...

This is a really disturbing piece from the LA Times about the proliferation of squalid slums in the Coachella Valley.

Read it here

This is the kind of thing that folks like cheap labor shill Tamar Jacoby don't want you to know; mainly that most of the illegals that come here live in conditions that aren't much better than what they left.

Here in San Francisco, things are relatively good - though overcrowding is intense. I have a friend who lives in section 8 housing across the hall from a Hispanic family. The door's always open, and I've never seen fewer than 10 people in the living room, and sometimes it's much more. How do you think a huge family getting paid slave wages can afford to live in San Francisco? By living in horrible conditions - generally several large families living in one apartment. And don't get me started on the day laborers... according to pro-illegal groups, 70-80% of them are homeless and live in vans.

SO DON'T GIVE ME YOUR BULL ABOUT "COMPASSION" FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS! Those trying to push an amnesty for cheap labor are nothing more than modern-day slave traders! Honestly, how can you possibly be a "progressive," look at this situation, and come to the conclusion that the solution is to import MORE poor people?!? It's fucking insane!

Abraham Lincoln - a Republican - fought to end slavery. So I suppose that it's only natural that the Democrats would be the ones to bring it back!

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