Thursday, March 8, 2007

Peace and Love in San Francisco - Murder Capitol

For everyone living with their head up their ass for the last few years - and I know that's a lot of folks around here - SF has been riding a rising crime wave. Not just homicides, but assaults, burglaries, car thefts and larceny have all been steadily rising.

This SFExaminer article states that, at the current rate, the City may break a record for homicides this year. Let's hear it for the "city that knows how!"

The reasons are numerous... a rising gang problem, minority community members too scared to act as witnesses, cops who are constantly hamstrung by Socialist, crime-loving lawmakers, a District Attorney who brings new meaning to the word "useless," a completely ineffectual police chief, a drunk, coked-out absentee mayor, the freak-show that is the Board of Supervisors, and - most importantly - a liberal culture so impotent and twisted that it is incapable of doing anything but making it worse.

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