Sunday, March 25, 2007

Illegal Immigrant Rally Draws 1/1000th of the Crowd of A Year Ago

It's the one year anniversary of the "Day the Illegals Demanded America Back," and in Los Angeles - the illegal alien capitol of the world - a SMALL rally commemorated the blessed event.

Peppered among the comments was the usual racist bullshit.

Jefferson Azevedo, a Brazilian immigrant, said he didn't consider any immigrant illegal."We all know this is Mexican land," he said. "They didn't cross the border. The border crossed them."

A counter-demonstration was held nearby by anti-immigrant groups. A police line separated the protesters from pro-illegal supporters. At least, that's the way the papers put it. Probably "protected them from certain assault" is closer to the truth. The pro-illegal supporters - demonstrating not only their deep love for the 1st Amendment, but also their respect for the country that has taken them in - reacted in the now predictable way...

One pro-immigration activist provoked jeers and threats from the group when he wiped the sidewalk with an American flag. A cordon of police kept the two groups apart.

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...and for a good laugh,

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