Thursday, March 8, 2007

SPORTS! on San Fransanity

NASCAR - If you've read my bio (you HAVE read my bio, right?), then you know I'm a NASCAR fan. I try to work my American travels around the races, and so far I've managed to hit a few tracks...

Infineon Raceway
Las Vegas Motor Speedway
Richmond International Raceway
New Hampshire International Speedway
Homestead/Miami International Speedway

...and this fall, I'll be hitting Martinsville and Atlanta.

So far, the season's gotten off to a good start, though the off week right after the 2nd race of the season doesn't really help the whole "momentum" thing. But this week should be a doozy, as NASCAR goes to the newly renovated Vegas Speedway. Definitely catch it if you like crashes!

BASKETBALL - Apart from the Tournament, who cares?

BASEBALL - I'm going to New York City in April and am actually going to the New York Double; I'm going to a game at Shea and a game at Yankee Stadium ON THE SAME DAY! Should be brutal, but fun. I'm a Giants fan, of course, but I hope to God that Bonds doesn't break the homerun record. Yup, I'm a Giants fan and I HATE Barry Bonds!

FOOTBALL - The 'Niners are still kvetching about a new stadium that may or may not be built in San Francisco. Or Santa Clara. To be funded partially with private money. Or not.

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