Friday, March 23, 2007

Haight Street Fair to be Boozeless

The Haight Street Fair (or Faire if you're stoned) will be alcohol free this year. Or, at least, that's the idea.

Facing the absolutely unacceptable proposition of having beer gardens, the fair organizers decided to just make the fair "no booze allowed." Now it's anybody's guess how this is going to work. I mean, will bars be open? Will liquor stores not be allowed to sell alcohol, or will people just not be allowed to drink on the street.

“We have always prided ourselves in producing a street fair that celebrates the free spirit of the community,” (the fair's executive director Robert) Leon said. “Restricting free movement … and compromising the personal decisions of our attendees are contrary to the nature of this community celebration.”

Compromising the personal decisions of our attendees??? Can you say circuitous liberal horseshit? Apparently the problem is that the folks who frequent beer gardens are the types who are not going to complain about the "restriction of free movement and compromising their personal decisions." Need a translation? Here it is... a beer garden would be discriminatory to fucking bums, the dirtbag homeless, and to the myriad of street urchins who have essentially taken over the neighborhood.

At least June 10th will be one day out of the year that the Haight Ashbury won't be a homeless toilet!

Read the SFExaminer story here

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