Monday, March 5, 2007

On becoming an ex-liberal

For many of my fellow ex-liberals, the conversion began on September 11th, 2001. Mine started a bit later... May 1st, 2006 to be exact.

On that day, "A Day Without Immigrants," America got its first real taste of exactly how grateful the immigrant community is towards our "tolerance." We were witness to hordes of foreign criminals, waving colorful flags of all nations (except, of course, ours), and demanding - DEMANDING - that America belongs to them, that we OWE them more than we give to our very own citizens. Owe them everything we have. Owe them our country. Owe them our lives.

I watched this with unbridled anger, and deep in my psyche, something screamed "this is just not right."

And so began my conversion. The more I read about the immigrant's rights movement and the philosophies of multi-culturalism and political correctness, the angrier I became. The very thinly veiled anti-White racism was just too much to take. Looking deeper, I started to question virtually every belief I had, and this time, I listened to my heart. If it didn't feel right, I looked deeper. I came to the conclusion that liberalism was just another word for the extermination of White culture. I shed over 20 years of liberal indoctrination, and decided to think for myself.

I am a White man, and I make no apologies for it. I can understand that minority groups want to take pride in their ancestral cultures. But when White people dare to do it, they are immediately shouted down and (predictably) called racists.

Some of the more vile voices of the immigrant community believe not only that America has no European culture, but that it has no RIGHT to. That Whites are not a people, but in the scope of demographics, will always just be known as "other."

I am White, and I am a person, too. I cannot sit idly by while foreign scum seek to destroy my people, my culture, and my country.

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