Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Keep An Eye On Honduras, Folks!

The MSM have been trying very hard to push the idea that ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya's return to Honduras as a squatter in the Brazilian Embassy is a positive sign that the situation there will improve. And by "improving" they mean the re-installation of a Chavez-backed Communist dictator. They've also tried to put forth the idea that Zelaya will be an ineffective lame duck until the elecitons happen in November, which, as we will see, is at best wishful thinking.

The MSM (particularly the Associated Press) have been cheerleading for this Chavez wanna-be since this whole thing started. They have repeatedly put the forth the false claims that the former President was illegally deposed (he wasn't), that there is widespread rioting all over the country (there isn't), and that the majority of the people want him back (they don't).

The AP in particular has been portraying Zelaya as a "victim" - a poor leader removed from "his" country through a "coup d'etat" - while only marginally touching on the reasons he was deposed (those being that he repeatedly tried to subvert the constitution of the country and was on the verge of holding an illegal referendum to alter the country's constitution when he was stopped by his own party).

Now the new government are in the particularly untenable position of having a Communist backed dictator wannabe in their country fomenting an insurrection and trying to combat against looting and violence, and the "human rights" assholes at the U.N. and other places condemning the government for subverting "freedom of speech" - which is what they call it when Chavez-backed radio stations are broadcasting calls for violence and anarchy.

So, rather than listen to the lies of the MSM, let us instead look at some other sources, to find the story that the MSM is not telling about Honduras...

World4Honduras is a group of Hondurans and expats from many countries across political lines, working to present the truthful articles about Honduras in support of the Democratic Change of Government in Honduras. It is updated almost daily. Here are a handful of articles for those who wish to know the truth....

The Background, Myths, and Ironies of the Current Political Situation in Honduras

This is a link to a 24-page pdf file and is a great introduction and resource for those wondering just what is going on in Honduras.

La Gringa's Bogicita - written by an American expat living in La Ceiba, is a fantastic blow-by-blow account of the current situation. She wanted to write a blog about gardening, and is now in the middle of an insurrection of Chavez-backed goons - tacitly supported by the United States and the U.N...

Zelaya Comes To Honduras and Violence Follows

"The population of Honduras is over 7.5 million. This is not a civil war. This is anarchy by a few thousand violent criminals being emboldened by the words of the former president, Hugo Chávez and his lackey sympathizers, the US, the OAS, the European Union, and the UN. That is a pretty formidable crowd for this little and very poor country to stand up to, but they have stood firm and consistent for almost three months precisely because they are standing up for the freedom and democracy of their country.

If you wouldn't want this to happen in your country, please help Honduras by contacting your government representatives and asking them not to interfere in Honduras. If you have contacted them before, please do it again. Honduras desperately needs your help to prevent international intervention."

What else can you do?

Sign the Petition to President Obama demanding that he recognize the Micheletti government, and withdraw US support from
Chavez-sponsored puppet Manuel Zelaya.

Keep a close eye on Honduras, people!

We will see just how far President Obama and the U.N. will go to support Global Communism.

The outcome of this mess should leave little doubt as to where our President stands on the rights of other countries to self-determination, and, ultimately, the right of the American people to determine the fate of their own country.

Note: All of the YouTube videos on this post are from the Support Honduras Video Channel on YouTube

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