Sunday, October 4, 2009

And The Illegal Alien Criminal Coddling Never Ends...

San Francisco just simply won't stop stepping up to the plate for it's most protected class: illegal alien criminals.

Supe David Campos will introduce today yet another piece of shit - er, legislation - designed to protect illegal alien criminals...

Supervisor Chris Daly is standing strong behind immigration legislation by Supervisor David Campos that has sparked one of the fiercest political debates this year.

Campos' legislation would prevent city officials from turning over juveniles who are illegal immigrants and charged with felonies to federal immigration law enforcement for deportation. The City would only be able to turn them over once they are convicted.

The punches thrown so far include letters sent by the local Republican Party to supervisors and other elected officials condemning the proposal and Mayor Gavin Newsom authorizing the leaking of a confidential memo regarding the proposal to reveal the city's legal risk.

"Right now, San Francisco is at the forefront of the (ILLEGAL) immigrant rights struggle. Last month, Supervisor David Campos, together with (ILLEGAL) immigrant rights advocates, introduced a proposal to provide juveniles who are undocumented (read: ILLEGAL) due process," Daly said in an opinion piece posted on a local news Web site.

"SF progressives should redouble our efforts on this issue and build the next generation of activists, as we engage."


S.F.'s Republican Party has apparently finally grown a pair on the issue, releasing a statement condemning the proposal...

...San Francisco’s Republican Party is not too keen on The City’s practice of protecting illegal immigrants from possible deportation after they’ve had run-ins with the law, saying it ignores state and federal laws on the subject. So saying the local GOP is against Campos’ idea is hardly a bombshell.

But here’s a brief insight into their argument: Numerous state and federal laws clearly require local law enforcement to report foreign nationals suspected of criminal activity regardless of their immigration status or age. U.S. Constitution is “even clearer” in that the feds, not cities, dictate immigration policy.

Said Ed Sheppard, an executive with the local GOP: “I can envision charges for those arrested for a felony being reduced to a misdemeanor just to avoid alerting ICE about the arrest, even if a felony charge is warranted. That will make San Francisco unsafe.”

Sheppard makes an excellent point. Illegal alien criminals are now a protected class in San Francisco, and Kamala Harris - who never passes up an opportunity to reduce charges on any criminal let alone an illegal alien - will no doubt do just this. She'll get the "conviction," the illegal alien criminal will get off lightly and be allowed to stay in the country. It's a win-win, right?

Mayor Newsom - in a rare display of common sense - leaked a memo from the City Attorney's office that said that Campos' legislation could open up the City to lawsuits...

Earlier this week, the City Attorney’s office sent the mayor a "privileged and confidential" memo warning that the proposed legislation could lead to a host of legal troubles for The City. The mayor then made the memo not-so-confidential by forwarding it to a San Francisco newspaper.

That didn’t make Campos a happy camper.

"I am an attorney and I have never heard of the chief executive of a city releasing a memo that provides a roadmap for suing that city to any potential litigant," he told The Examiner Friday night at the City Hall swearing in ceremony for George Gascon.

Newsom, who was also at the event, said he had no choice but to warn the public, saying that proposing the legislation is "like playing with fire" and would "put the entire sanctuary city policy at risk."

"People have an obligation to know this, not just a right," he said.

Expect more stories like this one, though as everyone who lives here - including numbskulls like Campos and Daly - knows, it's already pretty much a daily occurrence...

Having their car stolen in San Francisco turned out to be just the start of the wild ride for out-of-towners Patrick McDonald and Linda Rogers.

It started back in mid-August, when the couple - he's from San Jose and she's from Auburn (Placer County) - stepped out of Mel's Diner on Van Ness Avenue to find their 2004 Toyota 4Runner was gone, along with thousands of dollars worth of bikes and other gear they were using in triathlon training.

A couple of weeks later, police found the SUV parked on a city street - but because McDonald and Rogers couldn't make the 15-minute deadline to pick it up, the cops had it towed to a storage yard.

After shelling out $380 for the towing, storage and processing, the couple found that their bikes and other equipment were gone. In their place were 20 empty purses, backpacks, credit cards, drug paraphernalia, burglary tools and DVDs on how to pick locks - plus the Canadian immigration ID card of the woman who may have stolen the car, and phone numbers for her relatives.

McDonald and Rogers phoned police, only to be told that the cops wouldn't investigate because the evidence was too circumstantial and, "anyway, the D.A. won't prosecute."

So, the couple called us and we phoned Police Chief George Gascón, who promised a swift investigation.

Fast forward to Sept. 23, when police arrested 39-year-old Melissa Small of Canada on suspicion of car theft and possession of stolen property. It turns out she was also wanted in Placer County, and that she was in the country illegally and under orders from immigration to wear a tracking bracelet on her ankle while awaiting deportation.

But here's the real capper.

When police went to arrest her at immigration offices in the federal high-rise at 630 Sansome
St., they emptied her purse and discovered a pair of knives, a sharp metal file and a couple of drug syringes. All of which she had gotten past the building's metal detectors.

Crazy? Not here. This is normal.

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