Saturday, September 19, 2009

Is Your Toaster Racist?

Beautiful piece here from the People's Cube*...

Just as the progressive community was scraping the bottom of the barrel to rationalize America's rejection of Obama's socialist policies and to provide plausible but untrue reasons for the 9-12 Tea Party in Washington, DC, Newsweek boosted their efforts with an effective subliminal image on this week's cover, leaving no doubt that the debate is all about race. A picture of a white baby with large black letters over its face "Is your baby racist?" is a brave new take on the olden-but-golden response "You're a racist!" to every difficult question.

The article describing the study of the 6-month-old babies may in itself be innocuous, but the picture on the cover is worth a thousand words inside the magazine, especially if you don't bother to read it.

In fact, it's worth the entire content of the magazine for those who already are too depressed about the issue and instead just walk away from the newsstand with a vague impression of white guilt that reinforces every gloomy stereotype instilled in the American populace by progressive education.

Was it a deliberate visual agitation and propaganda on part of Newsweek's editorial board? If it wasn't, the only other explanation is a properly conditioned progressive response to new information, achieved by decades of training aimed at replacing thinking with korrekt clich├ęs.

Either way, we believe Newsweek has earned the prestigious "Beet of the week" award and recommend that Commissarka Pinkie sends all mothers of the members of the their board of directors bumper stickers saying "My son is a beet of the week at"

We were able to obtain versions of two rejected covers for this week's issue:

*(whom, btw, are the creators of the content and pics and whom I thank in advance for not suing me)...

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