Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Local Alert! Some Stupid Asshole Threatening People For Posting Flyers

This just in from CW Nevius...

Search for your cat - go to jail.

That's the threat from the official-sounding San Francisco Clean-up Project. The group is sending out letters with the ominous heading: "NOTICE OF VIOLATION/POSTING UNLAWFUL SIGNS." Their letterhead lists an address at City Hall and warns that if any more signs are posted, "YOU PROVIDE NO ALTERNATIVE APART FROM PURSUING CIVIL ACTION AGAINST YOU AND YOUR PERSONAL ASSETS UNDER THE AUTHORITY GRANTED BY CALIFORNIA BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL CODE."

It sounds serious.

The Clean-up Project has sent notices saying one of the offending signs is an 8 1/2-by-11-inch piece of paper that says, "Have You Lost a Cat?" Another is a small cardboard "GARAGE SALE" notice.

They're going to sue someone for a garage sale? That sounds unlikely. So does the rest of the information. First, there is no such organization at City Hall. Second, when City Attorney Dennis Herrera's office prepared a sternly worded letter to "Quinn P. Cooper," who signs the notices, it appears there is no such person.

"We're trying to figure out who this guy is," Herrera said. "But the public can rest assured that we are not going to arrest anyone who is trying to find their lost cat."

God I am sick of all the assholes in this city. Whoever this person is, it's pretty clear they are severely mentally ill and in need of psychiatric help. Perhaps he (or she) really gives a damn about the aesthetic integrity of our lightpoles, but my guess is that - like most assholes in this town - they just enjoy fucking with people.

What a useless bitch!


Anonymous said...

It is a guy name Rick Thurber. Doa google search for him. He has been doing this stupid stuff for years. He is a lunatic. Literally.

Anonymous said...

I did a records search a few years ago and it appears that Rick Thurber writes off two addresses on his income taxes. One at his home in the 400 block on upper terrace and the other at a apartment building on the corner of 11th and California but is in fact the caretaker and owned by 3 interests including Beth Feinstein.This would appear to be quite illegal and I am sure Rick would love to have to have this reported to the IRS,given his penchant for proper law enforcement........ I do hope someone takes advantage of this information.

Anonymous said...

Two weeks ago we lost our cat and posted fliers around the neighborhood. Then, yesterday, we got this letter in the same format, except they inserted that we lost our cat. Otherwise, the letter was a bunch of garbage trying to establish a philosophical basis of how what we were doing was tantamount to gang-raping a nun.

And they referred to our fliers as billboards.

It's pathetic, really . . .