Friday, July 17, 2015

We Are All Kate

Well... here we go again.

Once again, to the surprise of absolutely no one who knows the truth, we are mourning the death of yet another innocent American citizen murdered by an illegal alien who was shielded from deportation by San Francisco's insane Sanctuary City policy.

Once again I have to get on this blog and rant and bitch and moan at a City (and State and Country) that simply doesn't care.

But you motherfuckers are gonna get it.  With both barrels.

San Francisco will never change.  It is a 7x7 mile cesspool of human garbage that will always vote for the biggest pervert who represents the complete antithesis of American values.

San Francisco will never change.  But it can be shamed, isolated, exposed for the anti-American, anti-common sense, anti-justice, anti-human freakshow that it is.

There will be much much much MUCH more about this.  

About Kate.  

About the illegal alien killer.  

About the City that shields him.  

About the ultra-left fucktards like Mirkarimi and the rest of the Bolshevik Board.  

About the imbecile Scott Weiner, who shows himself to be just another Bolshy with his dismissal of Fox News.
About the neutered Mayor Ed Lee.  

About the worst President in American history - who can offer personal condolences anytime some black thug gets his ass rightly shot off but is completely silent when one of his precious illegal aliens blows away an innocent white woman.

About the scum sucking Mass Media showing themselves for the Leftist, Hillary Clinton boot-licking trash that they are.

Oh yes.  LOTS MORE TO COME.  My guess is from now till the election.


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