Friday, July 17, 2015

Fake News Site Calls Trump Fake News

The Huffington Post - that Left-wing propaganda machine posing as a news site - has decided that they would erase any doubt as to its contempt of reality by announcing that it will no longer "report" stories about Donald Trump in their "political coverage" section (translation: their lying political hit pieces will no longer be found in the "Coronation of Hillary" section).

In a one paragraph denial of reality, Ryan Grim ("Washington bureau chief") and Danny Shea ("Editorial Director" and, I'm assuming, chief blog-aggregator) wrote...

After watching and listening to Donald Trump since he announced his candidacy for president, we have decided we won't report on Trump's campaign as part of The Huffington Post's political coverage. Instead, we will cover his campaign as part of our Entertainment section. Our reason is simple: Trump's campaign is a sideshow. We won't take the bait. If you are interested in what The Donald has to say, you'll find it next to our stories on the Kardashians and The Bachelorette.

Which is not saying much, as half the stories on HuffPost's main page usually involve The Kardashians or The Bachelorette! 

Interestingly enough, some of the HP's readership for some reason didn't agree with the move... 

... It's incredibly childish, and is a fine example of why our country is going down the toilet. Let Trump destroy himself! Don't boost him up by acting like a bunch of children. What kind of Editorial Director makes a decision like this? I think Trump is the WORST kind of person, but you can't remove a front-running presidential candidate from political coverage and expect to be taken

 ...L.R. is right. Is this a neutral, unbiased news organization or a propaganda spinning op-ed blog? Any candidate in national politics should be reported without discrimination. Failure to do so makes it no longer a news organization.

... H.M... After reading this whole thread - I have to agree with those who think this is a bad or childish move on the part of HP. They could just not cover him very much like they do most of the 15 or so Republican candidates, but that they ANNOUNCED it, is cheap and childish and seems more designed to get attention than any real political reason. I think it is a cynically obvious move to create buzz for themselves. You say their coverage of Trump "takes away" coverage from more serious candidates. Where is that coverage? So far - HP mostly just makes fun of outrageous or stupid comments by candidates - like Santorum or Cruz and occasionally Rubio. Rand Paul has dropped off the HP page, and just about everybody else but Jeb haven't been mentioned since they announced. There hasn't been much of any discussion of any of the candidates policies. HP's political coverage so far is more like an entertainment page already.

... The same "justification" was used to disregard Bernie Sanders because a lot of the media didn't consider him to be a serious challenge to Hillary.  It's not up to HuffPo to decide which candidates we should support. If they are in the running and they are polling in #1 or #2 among likely primary voters, then not covering them as serious Politics is a huge disservice to their readers.

... Trump has 17% of the 15 candidates who are running, which means he's a frontrunner for the GOP nomination at this point. It doesn't matter at this point how many people are paying attention or even how many voters turn out for the GOP primaries. Most of us know he's a joke, but if his campaign isn't properly reported, he may just be joking himself right in to the general election. Ryan Grim and Danny Shea are being lazy, not responsible.

But, for the most part, the Progressives are cheering - as they cheer any attempt to silence anyone who disagrees with them rather than proving them wrong - and are marching in goosestep to the Left-wing pied piper.


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