Friday, July 24, 2015

The San Francisco Examiner... the Bay Area's Septic Tank

What a horrible thing it is to see the once great (well, decent anyway) San Francisco Examiner turn into the septic tank of Bay Area news.

What was once a halfway reasonable alternative to the one-party Liberal state has turned into just another '100% Liberal, 100% of the time" pseudo news site.  Like the Chronicle, they now field a small cadre of Communist sympathizers writing most of their news (I'm looking at you, Jonah Owen Lamb!), and their opinion page is just a mouthpiece of local Left-wing "non-profits" making a good living sucking off the very generous tit of San Francisco - who can fund non-profits to the tune of half a billion dollars a year, yet somehow can't find $11 million to save the Old Mint - a national landmark.

While the comment sections of the Examiner were always a joke, the paper felt the need to get rid of them completely, demonstrating their commitment to democracy and debate.  Since the only people commenting on their stories were people who called them out on their bullshit, they responded like the Fascists they are and just silenced all debate.

And if that weren't enough, they've now introduced their "" section.... basically a place where the local "gentleman's clubs" (read: strip clubs but much more expensive) peddle their wares with ads featuring some of the ugliest whores you've ever seen.  Go ahead and check it out... I dare you.  You'll swear off sex for life.

Just goes to show how hard up this phony news site is.  You can't really stand up for neighborhood standards when most of your income comes from places just short of brothels.

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