Friday, July 17, 2015

Sleazeball Mirmarimi Cries Crocidile Tears, "Asks" for "Clarity" on SF's "Don't Talk To ICE EVER" Policy

You gotta hand it to that fuckwad Mirkarimi, very few people are as good at covering their asses.

Here's the thing... Mirkarimi doesn't give a fuck about Kate.  Or public safety - at least not where "normal" people are involved.  Mirkarimi's job - as a termed-out Leftist Supervisor who lucked out when he got elected to the Sheriff's job in a town where people are too doped up to think things through - is the protection of society's freaks.  

Mirkarimi never for a second gave a second thought to the havoc what would be wrought by shielding criminals from ICE.  Not even after the Bologna Family murders.  And he still doesn't care.  The fact that he's suggesting that it go before the Bolshevik Board shows what a pussy he is.  The very same "activist groups" - read gang-affiliated neighborhood pressure groups - that got this insane sanctuary city policy put in in the first place will pressure the Board and commit physical violence against anyone who dares to speak up.

The only hope here is that Ed Lee grows a pair of nuts and stands up to the Board.  And, at some point, the business leaders of San Francisco are going to have to put some weight into it as well.  If they're not too busy counting the profits from cheap, illegal labor.

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