Monday, November 30, 2009

MUNI's "Stinky Stabber" Strikes Again

WARNING to all San Franciscans who don't like to be stabbed on buses...

The "man" who nearly stabbed an 11-year old boy to death on a MUNI bus three months ago has apparently struck again, this time stabbing a woman on a J-Church LRV before fleeing at Market & Church this morning.

She was hospitalized with what they call in the biz a "non-life threatening" wound to her left abdomen. Thank God.

Here is a sketch and description of this lowlife piece of shit...

Suspect is described as...

black male in his 30s

6-foot-tall (maybe a little taller) and approximately 190 lbs.


wearing black hoodie sweater, a black jacket, and a black do-rag

described in both attacks as having "strong body odor"

He was carrying tennis shoes hanging from his neck.

Remember... the first attack occurred at 19th & Mission and this one was near Market & Church. Sounds like a local; this is a very small area. Be very aware if you live in this area.

If you see this person please call 911 immediately and get the hell out of reach of him. Fuck political correctness - just do it. This is one sick motherfucker who needs to be exterminated. Best left to the professionals.

-I have lived in SF for a quarter century. I feel much less safe in this city than ever before. A simple drive down 18th, or Market, or in SOMA, entails a rogues gallery, and a constant "Who are these people? Where have they come here from?" thought stream. Its just wild. Our city is crammed to the gills with nomadic crazies, who are allowed to run rampant over the rest of us. Its just nuts. -sfgate commenter jerk_quake

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