Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Election Night Redux: Some Big Victories and Some Small-to-Medium Losses

Election night is over with some significant gains for conservatives...

In Virginia - being touted by the liberal media as a "new swing state" - swung very decisively back to the red shade of purple, with Republicans sweeping the big races. Bob McDonnell destroyed Creigh Deeds in the Governor's race by nearly 20%, Lt. Gov Bill Bolling won re-election, and former state Senator Ken Cuccinnelli took the Attorney General's post.

In New Jersey, Chris Christie defeated Democrat incumbent Jon Corzine to be the first Republican Governor in the heavily Democrat state in 12 years.

And in Maine, voters repealed a state law allowing same-sex marriage. This means that gay marriage has now lost in all 31 states in which it has been put to a popular vote (in contrast, constitutional amendments banning gay marriage have been approved in all 30 states where they have been on the ballot). Do you think that maybe - just maybe - those legislators and judges who seem so intent on ramming gay marriage down our throats are maybe just a tad out of touch???

Conservatives would not take the day in New York's 23rd, however, with Bill Owens beating out Doug Hoffman. Dede Scozzafava - the (ahem) Republican Party pick to run for the seat, managed to get herself all but run out of the state by the conservative wing of the party for her stances on gay marriage and abortion, and that she was way too liberal for their liking. As expected, Scozzafava dropped out of the race, but then unexpectedly endorsed Owens the Democrat - after some apparent intervention from the White House.

And in California anti-establishment fever is clearly not taking hold in the 10th, as career politician and Pelosibot John Garamendi beat Republican David Harmer as expected. The Dems gained nothing here, just trading one liberal career politician for another, and it has opened up the Lt. Governor's seat for a possible Republican challenge.

Now... everyone is saying this doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things and maybe they're right. But consider this... Obama was not a wallflower in this election; he campaigned actively for Deeds and very actively for Corzine - and still lost! This does not bode well for the Messiah.

And when the true costs are known of the bailouts, health care reform, and global warming inititatives (not to mention the illegal alien amnesty coming soon), Obama ain't gonna be worth shit. This backlash has only just begun. When the true scope of the disaster that is the Obama Administration comes to light, there won't be a single Democrat in Congress.

Well, except for San Francisco, of course.

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