Wednesday, November 11, 2009

D.C. Sniper John Allen Muhammad Executed!

Evil racist fucker John Allen Muhammad's useless life was ended last night, bringing closure to the families of the ten people he murdered and the three he injured during his "beltway sniper" jihad, and bringing a sigh of relief to all of those who lived through the terrorist action in the DC area in 2002.

Muhammad was a terrorist - specifically a muslim terrorist - a Nation of Islam convert who did what Nation of Islam converts are good at doing... waging war on the innocent.

He was a sick, demented, racist piece of shit, and the only sadness I feel is disappointment that he didn't get the electric chair.

And, once again, to all you death penalty opponents everywhere -

Compassion for the guilty
is cruelty to the innocent.

I only wish that you could have been one of the victims. Now that would have been justice.

Go fuck yourselves.

Next Up: Curtis Lavelle Vance

No need to clean the syringes...

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