Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Chronicle Calls For Amnesty: San Fransanity Calls "BULLSHIT"

Bullshit. Plain, simple, unadulterated, Grade A cowplop.

That paragon of political correctness - the San Francisco Chronicle - have vomited out yet another lame-brained editorial calling for amnesty for illegal aliens.

This is the paper that - with one notable exception - never misses a chance to print a pro-illegal alien sob story, never misses a chance to demonize anyone who dares to question completely uncontrolled immigration and the erasure of our borders, and constantly breaks out a whole pack of race cards anyone even dares mention the subject.

This is the paper who allows groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center and LaRaza to essentially use them as an unchecked propaganda machine.

So this is hardly news.

Even the brain-dead ultraleft rotting hippies on the Chron editorial boards aren't stupid enough not to realize that what they call "immigration reform" - meaning open borders and full amnesty for all illegals, including criminals - will not go over well at all with people outside of San Francisco. They all but admit that IR will only be attained against the will of the vast majority of Americans, and even then probably only by force.

Here is the spew...

The midterm congressional elections, a disappointed electorate and, most likely, more economic pain are all waiting for the country in 2010. And the Obama administration wants to tackle immigration reform?

We'll see. For now, Homeland Security Secretary (and Bush/McCain-style amnesty pusher) Janet Napolitano has floated a trial balloon, challenging Congress to pass a bill next year. Of course, next year's not soon enough for an issue as crucial and necessary as immigration reform. But the odds of Congress passing any bill next year depend greatly on what Congress manages to get passed (read: force on the American people) this year.

Don't believe us? (Never) Just watch. If Congress completes the Herculean task of health care reform this year without making too many compromises, it might - might - have the stomach to take on another big, controversial issue like immigration reform. Then again, it might get bogged down by climate change legislation or the economy (or Afghanistan, or Iraq, or the American people getting a good look at the bill for this orgy of spending, you name it. As for the economy, I think you can assume that it will bog things down - and rightly so - for it is the thing most people, at least, most people outside of San Francisco, care about.)

If Congress doesn't pass health care reform, or makes too many compromises in order to pass any reform at all, it will lose its appetite for anything as divisive as immigration reform ("an appetite for divisiveness" - that pretty much sums up the Congress...). If that happens, we may get a lot of bluster next year, but very little movement (we can only hope).

This is because the political climate around immigration reform hasn't changed enough, despite Napolitano's insistence that it has. Yes, Lou Dobbs finally had to shut down his poisonous brand of anti-immigrant entertainment on CNN (Lou Dobbs called and said "fuck you, too"). Yes, America's bad economy has slowed illegal immigration to a trickle, and yes, both the Bush and Obama administrations have (under pressure) made high-profile moves (I guess "empty posturing" is a kind of "move") to enforce immigration laws at the workplace and at the border. These are all positive changes (leave it to SF liberals to call the failing economy a "positive change"). But they aren't enough.

Two years after the last disastrous attempt at immigration reform (to anti-American multicult leftists... to Americans it was a great victory), most Americans remain unconvinced that immigrants do, indeed, contribute positively to our economy and our society. And while immigrants certainly can't be blamed for last year's financial crisis (debatable), this year's recession and next year's still-high unemployment figures (again debatable), Congress is going to find it very hard to ask Americans to be generous to those who entered this country illegally at a time when so many Americans are facing hard times themselves (and you braindead leftist trash have NO IDEA exactly how hard. You think the tea parties were something? Just wait...).

If Congress can pass health care reform, and many Americans feel better and more secure about their coverage, the country might find immigration reform to be more palatable (don't count on it - especially if the Dems succeed in their attempts at providing free healthcare to illegals). But either way, we need reform, and we need it now.

That's probably why Napolitano is talking about essentially the same (empty lying) reforms as former President George W. Bush: a (totally unenforceable) "tough but fair" path to legalization for the illegal immigrants already here, ways to encourage immigrants to choose the legal option and stricter punishments (for whom exactly?).

The first reform is the only pragmatic way of coping with the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants we already have. They're here, and they're not leaving (actually, some of them are and more of them will once they can't get jobs). It would be impossible, not to mention odious, to hunt them all down and deport them. So why not offer a path to legalization - one that acknowledges the seriousness of illegal entry (and then completely dismisses it) but still allows hard-working people to join the mainstream, and the tax rolls, of American society?

Why? I'll tell you why. Because you motherfucking leftist scum don't make any differentiation between "hard-working" and "non-working" illegal aliens. You don't make any distinction between "law-abiding illegals" - a great phrase from the leftist lexicon - and murders, rapists, and child molesters. You protect them all. We see it in San Francisco again and again and again. You have turned illegal aliens into a protected class, and they have taken full advantage of it and used it to FUCK US.

You may enjoy being fucked over by the "traditionally oppressed peoples" that you have allowed to rob, rape, and murder our citizens, but that does not mean that we do.

Reform would also give Congress the opportunity to make some badly needed changes to our legal immigration system. One of the major reasons people continue to stay in this country illegally is that the legal process for immigration is so difficult and time-consuming (That is fucking bullshit - especially when it comes to Mexican illegals). Simplifying and streamlining the system we already have would be an easy way to reduce illegal immigration going into the future (by making all illegals legal).

There's never going to be a good time for immigration reform in a political sense. It will always encounter disruptive resistance from Americans opposed to anything - no matter how humane or practical - that offers a reprieve to people who entered this country illegally (which is a VAST MAJORITY of the American people in poll after poll after poll). But it is clearly in this nation's interest to align immigration laws with both reality and its economic and national security interests. The Obama administration is right to push for reform in 2010.

Look... Obama - unlike the San Francisco Chronicle's editor - is not stupid. He knows that he is hanging on by a thread right now, and that 2010 may well be a return to the Newt Gingrich/Contract with America days if he doesn't give real Americans some real results real quick.

Immigration Reform now is political suicide. The only way they'll breach it in 2010 is out of desperation; it may be so clear to the Obama Administration that he is a one-termer that they figure they've got nothing to lose.

We however have a lot to lose - our sovereignty, our history, our country. We will not allow it. We stopped it before and we'll stop it again.

No amnesty. Not now. Not ever.

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Brittanicus said...

In this disastrous recession our politicians must be savoring being unemployed themselves, if they force America into another Amnesty. Even if there was no downturn in the economy, taxpayers should not be a deep reservoir of welfare cash for illegal aliens and their families, How can they even conceive an such an idea of AMNESTY when so many of the legal population is wondering how they are going to feed their family? Every last one of them must be hounded down and told, DO NOT SIGN ON FOR A 2009-10 AMNESTY? THERE WILL BE NASTY REPERCUSSION IN THE VOTING BOOTH, STARTING WITH SENATOR HARRY REID OF NEVADA, EVEN SEN. JOHN McCAIN NEXT YEAR? MAJORITY SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI WILL BE CLOSE BEHIND FOR THE WRECKING BALL? Warn all politicians at 202-224-3121, or go to their offices in person. Read about corruption and sanctuary city policies so GOOGLE--NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIAL WATCH. ALIPAC, CAPSWEB, AMERICAN PATROL & THE DARK SIDE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Tell them E-Verify must be made permanent, to start the "ATTRITION" enforcement procedure for every illegal worker in America? What can you do for AMERICA? YOU CAN USE YOUR VOTE! VOTING--OUT SEN. HARRY REID WILL BE A GOOD START AND ALARM THEM ALL! We cannot afford overpopulation growth, or corrupt politicians pandering to illegal immigrant and open border proponents anymore?