Monday, November 2, 2009

Election Endorsements For This Tuesday

There is an election coming up Tuesday and your vote counts! And it counts for a lot more in this election as many folks will not be going to the polls - as there is no Messiah to elect.

San Francisco's ballot is pretty scant this time around, containing a mere five propositions and two city government races.

In the two "races" we have two entrenched, establishment liberal incumbents running unopposed to extend their jobs for another 4 years. BOOOOORING. This is sadly becoming the norm in San Francisco - a one-party state rapidly resembling the former Soviet Union, at least politically anyway. There is almost no diversity of opinion here.

In the first race, Dennis Herrera is being re-upped for another term as City Attorney. Now, we would love to see a City Attorney (or even better the District Attorney) go after all the Froot Loops in this town, but Dennis has decided to go after the makers of Froot Loops...

He's fought for universal health care and same-sex marriage. He's taken on the Mirant power plant, gang injunctions and the city's right to ban cigarette sales in drug stores. And now, City Attorney Dennis Herrera - also eyeing Room 200 in 2011 - has a new target: Kellogg's Cocoa Krispies cereal.

Herrera recently wrote to the president and CEO of Kellogg's to demand substantiation for the claim on boxes of Cocoa Krispies that the cereal "now helps support your child's immunity." The cereal has begun showing up on San Francisco grocery store shelves - just when parents are worried about protecting their children from the swine flu, Herrera points out in his letter.

"I am concerned that the prominent use of the Immunity Claims to advertise a sugar-laden, chocolate cereal like Cocoa Krispies may mislead and deceive parents of young children," he writes.

Herrera's spokesman, Matt Dorsey, said California's unfair competition law allows city attorneys to demand the facts behind companies' advertising claims. Dorsey said there's no threat of legal action yet, but that the city attorney will decide what path to take after he gets a response from Kellogg's.

Besides, Dorsey quipped, maybe sugar, chocolate and high-fructose corn syrup really does boost immune systems. "Wouldn't it be great if it turns out that's all good for us?" Dorsey said.

Which prompted this comment from companyman...

Welcome to San Francsico. Murder? Go for it. Poop and peeing in the streets? Why, help yourself. Driving on a suspended license? Who cares, not us. Drugs? What kind do you need? Guns? Well, we don't like em, but hey we're not gonna stop you. What's that? You're an illegal immigrant transporting narcotics? Welcome home! that a box of Cocoa Krispies? Oh hell no! Not in this town! We have rules here pal!

The second race is for City Taxman Jose Cisneros - who, among other things, helped initiate the "Bank on San Francisco" program that primarily helps illegal aliens open checking accounts using Matricular Consular cards and other forms of questionable ID.

While both are dull, normally level headed bureaucrats (by San Francisco standards anyway) the Froot Loops episode shows Herrera is not adverse to tilting at windmills for publicity's sake. Apparently he felt the need to get some batshit lunatic street cred in the event that people in SF start suspecting he's not weird enough. Normally he behaves in a very professional matter, though, and his recent expressions of concern regarding SF's Sanctuary Policy and the ways it is implemented shows that he is, in fact, SANE (again, by San Francisco standards).

Vote for either of these two if you want. Or don't. It's not like it matters. In a one-party state democracy means surprisingly little.

Onward to the Props!

Prop A - Budget Tweaking - YES

A fairly boring restructuring of the City budget process which will make sniping season every two years instead of every year.

Prop B - Unlimited Aides for Crazy Supervisors - NO

Each batshit lunatic in the Board of Supervisors gets two aides. Not much I grant you, but this measure puts no cap on the number of aides they can have to wreak their Marxist version of class war on us. Fuck 'em.

Prop C - Candlestick Naming Rights - YES

The Niners aren't going anywhere for several more years so we might as well get some money out of it. We'll all keep calling it Candlestick anyway.

Prop D - "Brightly-lit Windows Theory" - YES

The litmus test of any proposed San Francisco legislation is not will it make things better, but will it make things worse. And this probably won't make mid-Market any worse than it already is. We may just have more brightly lit urine-soaked sidewalks and hordes of zombified drug addicts lurching up Market like something out of "Night of the Living Dead," but it just might bring a little joy to this area. It could hardly make things any worse.

Prop E - Advertising Ban - NO

I like Adbusters as much as the next guy. I also like bus stops that aren't vandalized and used as a canvas for some disaffected punks spreading their (gag) "art." Put on the ballot by the usual Marxists on the Board... well, that right there is reason enough to vote no.

Of course... the main action on Tuesday will be in the 10th Congressional District where former Lt. Gov and pubic option guru John Garamendi faces a closer than expected race from Republican David Harmer. While it hasn't gotten the attention of the nutso race in NY's 23rd, the GOP has said that even if Harmer loses by 5 points it will be seen as a bellweather moment in Pelosi's backyard.

In addition to these two races, the place to watch is Virginia. The races there, including the Governor's race, can rightly be seen as a referendum on the Obama administration. Less than a year ago, Virginia was touted as a now blue state where the evils of Southern-ness had been vanquished by the Messiah.

We shall see. Oh yes. We shall see.


Brittanicus said...

The White House has amplified there hearsay as stating the administration has generated 650.000 new jobs for Americans? But they have negated to disclose to the American population they imported 1,125.000 during the same period. Every one of us need to point out to every local media outlet, every politician in Washington and every working man and woman, their families that our own administration has issued an entry visa to more than a million working-age newcomers this year. That has had a negative effect on any positive impact attaining to the stimulus bill for U.S. workers. The majority of newcomers might have high technical skills, but America has its own collective reservoir of extraordinary men and women who have the same abilities. Huge companies are supposedly advertising for these unique opportunities in national media outlets by law. A video of an attorney with the law firm of Cohen & Grigsby discussing how a company can turn an H-1B worker into a permanent Green Card holder is a sad situation.

Their commentary demonstrates the disposition behind the entire process and callous attitude to unemployed US workers. "Their goal is clearly to find a highly skilled H-1B immigrant, because cheap labor is in abundance in poor foreign nations; willing to come to America. Observe a U-Tube video of commentary that exemplifies the disposition behind the entire process: "Their goal is clearly not to find a highly skilled American job seeker, but an H-1B immigrant who can be exploited with low wages and fewer benefits that our people expect. Another aspect of this is undermining a genuine access to the legal population was the near disaster formulated by Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada. Sen. Reid, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to staunch any nationwide use of E-Verify or other government efforts of enforcement? Shamefully, E-Verify cannot protect American competition from H-1B visas, but it has begun to dissipate the millions of jobs stolen by illegal labor in the country.

The Democratic leadership tried to throw out E-Verify because it was actually working, which was an instantaneously received a sudden--NO! NO!--from a furious voter back-lash when revealed. They have been caught pandering to a mob of anti-sovereignty politicians, outrageous business opportunists and radical open border caucuses and their open border lobbyists that have copious money to spend? These are tightly knit groups of career lawmakers having their hands crossed with silver and mostly undisclosed gifts for decades. This is why no truly enforced immigration laws have been rigidly enforced. You only have to look at the single layer border fence, that in all honesty has been under constructed so lawmakers could offer favors to large company contracts for specialized surveillance equipment; most malfunctioning at this time The truth being that the wall was meant to be double stranded, with a no-mans land separating both structures? View reports, statistics and undeniable facts at AMERICAN PATROL. Another working enforcement tool is the nationwide local police program 287 G. Again it's working, so now Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano under pressure has weakened its powers?

Brittanicus said...

I don't think the American people understand that--IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT--is not supposed to be the absolute deterrent? Immigration enforcement is only supposedly--SEEN--to be working? Then when it does, like E-Verify, 287 G, ICE raids the pro-illegal alien forces start lobbying the already corrupt politicians to dilute the laws. Same with the 1986 Immigration Control and Reform Act, that its enforcement became obscured by distractions from its main purpose. AMNESTY--for those people who were legalized and all those who came after--immediate deportation? In appearance it looked like it was functioning, but it left a trail of fraud. Millions poured into America during that time offering deceptive documents expressing they had been resident in this country for 5 years. Ending up with the US government unable to handle the extra 3 million who appeared mysteriously from nowhere? Any new Amnesty will create another multi-million rush for the border, once President Obama declares this message. Previous Guest Workers once legalized disappeared from agriculture and took other jobs and increased unemployment for our own men, women, seniors and even our young folk. Neither side of the political cauldron has accepted the blame, for allowing millions of foreign national converging on a lax border. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS HAVE ALREADY BLED US DRY, WHAT MORE CAN WE GIVE...?

It really is just a mirage regarding immigration, because Wall Street and the mega companies have no intentions of letting go of cut price labor. The wealthy employers don't live in the same dimension as the average American, who lives with criminal alien activity and taxed continually to support not only the illegal immigrant occupancy but corporate welfare that benefits the 20 to 30 million illegal settlers. Lately American anti-illegal immigration, pro-sovereignty factions are achieving small triumphs? Alerted people have erupted in their constituencies, rousing their voices at 202-224-3121 in Washington. THE PEOPLE –stopped dead the tabling of E-verify, which is now funded for another 3 years. However we must keep continuously watch as HS head Janet Napolitano has already moderated the local police policy 287 G. My observations suggest to me that--ALL THIS WEAKENING--of immigration enforcement is leading up to the Democratic Representative from Chicago Luis V. Gutierrez, to commence the devastating push for another AMNESTY or as it’s called a path to citizenship.

How any of these political pawns can even construed this represents the majority of the American people? My sense is they will use deceptive means to achieve their goal; if at all? The economy is in dire straights, there are approximately 15 million legal populace jobless and are they really intending to force through some form of AMNESTY? The growing grassroots organizations need more patriotic reinforcements to repeatedly call their politicians, who are supposedly protecting American workers, keeping our nation from irreversible OVERPOPULATION that will condemn us to third world density in large cities and communities. We cannot continue to absorb millions of impoverished, poorly skilled individuals. We have for decades which our elected representatives have ignored and introduced a serious balkanization through illegal usurpers who remain un-assimilated, refuse to learn our language and introduced a host incorrigible third world logic, not patterned on the way the multitude of abiding citizens see our culture, life style and values.

Brittanicus said...

An example is the killing of animals in backyards for some ritual sacrifice. On a grand scale driving while drunk and ending the life's of whole families on the highways or pedestrians. Underage ravishment of children, accepted as the norm in many foreign lands. Superiority over women that has marked Middle Eastern men, that disregard human rights, including the ending a life because of dishonor to the family. There are many innocuous instances of female genitalia mutilation, consistent with customs of countries that still exist in archaic corners of our world? Foreigners come to our nation and demand us as a nation; our people comply with their compliances, not the reverse. In Europe a major problem is arising regarding extreme religious beliefs, which is a danger to the Judeo-Christian culture from the mass immigration from countries that have been in upheaval for thousands of years. We live in a country of moderation, freedom of thought and speech given to us by the founding fathers.

WE MUST FIGHT BACK OR WE WILL BE IN-PERPETUITY PAYING FOR EVERY ILLEGAL BORDER CROSSER. TOURIST VISA OVERSTAY? OUR VOTING PROCESS HAS BEEN COMPROMISED BY NO IDENTIFYING DOCUMENTS NEEDED OR OVERSIGHT OF ABSENTEE BALLOTS. NOW THE MOST BASIC LAW OF COUNTING THOSE PERMANENTLY RESIDENT IN THE UNITED STATES IS ALSO LIKELY TO BE COMPROMISED BY THE ENUMERATION OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, UNLESS SEN. VITTER CAN FORCE AN AMENDMENT INTO THE 2010 DECENNIAL CENSUS? If these questions are not asked it is certain that--ALL--these illegal aliens will be counted in the census and small states will lose billions of dollars in federal funds to states infamously designated as SANCTUARY STATES such as CALIFORNIA and gain Congressional seats (and electoral college votes) due to this counting of illegal aliens. Then we have Meg Whitman contender as the new Governor of Sanctuary State of California who approves of offering illegal immigrants another AMNESTY. As if the last one didn't cost a fortune in free health care, education and all the pre-requisite subsidies unavailable to low income citizens.

Why Europe is stomaching foreign immigrants dictating to Parliaments, the church is beyond my understanding, because it will eventually turn its population against these ideologies. The same as in the United States where trouble is already stirring, relating to another obnoxious possibility of BLANKET AMNESTY that is accepted by the US census bureau as a harbinger of population growth without restraints? It’s a premeditated fraud on the American people, as it was in 1986. It is being imposed upon us to fill the pockets of stockholders, investments to ream the pockets in companies nationwide. It's another avenue to lower the wages of US working men and women, to stealthily bring the free flow of access labor into our country? Read more at NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIAL WATCH & CAPSWEB for the abhorrent truth, not the propaganda of the Internationalists who are indifferent to our population.

Anonymous said...

@ Brittanicus, your are preaching to the choir.

Unfortunately, all is lost in the USA.

December 21, 2012 will clean up the mess.

Anonymous said...

This blog is becoming a kook magnet.

XLBRL said...

I take it you don't count yourself among them (us?)