Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Illegal Alien Killer-gate Update: Ramos To Stand Trial For Triple Murder

Edwin "Babyface" Ramos - illegal alien, MS-13 gangster, and accused mass murderer - will stand trial after a judge waved off a bullshit ploy from the defense.

A San Francisco judge ordered a 22-year-old alleged gang member Monday to stand trial in the slaying of a father and his two sons, citing the testimony of a surviving family member who said he got a good look at the defendant's face as he opened fire on an Excelsior district street.

Ramos' attorney, Marla Zamora, expressed disappointment Monday, saying that her client drove the car carrying the gunman but did not pull the trigger (oh... well then he's a mother-fucking saint!). She said Ramos was not a gang member and had identified the killer, a man whom authorities have been unable to locate.

Ramos showed little reaction as Jackson read off the charges, only whispering to his lawyer.

The murder counts include special circumstances - for multiple killing and for an alleged gang motive - that make him eligible for the death penalty or life in prison without parole if convicted. District Attorney Kamala Harris says she opposes capital punishment (and pretty much any other kind of punishment) and has never sought the death penalty since taking office in 2004.

Tony Bologna's widow sobbed in the front row of the courtroom gallery as the judge announced her decision. Wearing sunglasses and dabbing at her face with tissues, Danielle Bologna reached back and clutched the hand of another family member. After the hearing concluded, she hugged relatives and cried out, over and over, "Thank you, God."

Outside court, prosecutor Harry Dorfman called the killings "a terrible crime. And now we need to go on to the next phase."

Asked about the defense's (bullshit) contention that another man shot the Bolognas, Dorfman said, "I agree with very little of what the defense argued today."

Zamora had strong words for police investigators and prosecutors in her closing remarks, saying, "Either they didn't want to get the real shooter or they felt a bird in the hand was worth two in the bush (maybe they should get O.J on it!)."

Ramos, who remains jailed without bail, was ordered to return to court for arraignment July 13.

A spokeswoman for Harris, Erica Derryck, said after the hearing that the case will be formally reviewed by a team of attorneys in the district attorney's office. They will "consider factors in mitigation and aggravation and make a recommendation to the district attorney" about what sentence to pursue should Ramos be convicted, Derryck said (like it's gonna matter... criminal loving bitch will probably not even push for LWOP).

Ramos had a record as a juvenile before the Bologna killings - a gang-related attack on a Muni passenger and an attempted assault on a pregnant woman, both of which he committed when he was 17.

So the odyssey continues... I hope the Bologna family gets a huge - no, HUMONGOUS - settlement from the City, that Harris' and Newsom's political careers go into the toilet where they belong, and that this City will grow a pair and stop coddling criminals from protected classes.

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