Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chron's Jaxon Van Derbeken Accepts Eugene Katz Award

Now this one's kinda long, and kind of painful at times (Debra Saunders will not be winning any public speaking awards soon...) but worth the effort.

Jaxon Van Derbeken has been a shining diamond in the steaming turd known as the San Francisco Chronicle's reporting on immigration.

Chances are that, if it weren't for Jaxon, San Franciscans would be reading the sordid details of the City's illegal immigrant criminal shield in the LA Times or somewhere else from outside the Bay Area.

The Eugene Katz award is given out by the Center for Immigration Studies.

Jaxon's acceptance of the award (and the undisclosed amount of cash that went along with it) caused a lot of whining and gnashing-of-teeth by the local "Death to America!" Communists - who were outraged that a reporter in a paper from New Sodom would accept an award from (GASP!) a "right-wing group!"

Oh the humanity!!!

(As mentioned in the previous post, "right-winger" is roughly equivalent to "child molester" in San Fran, though not quite - child molesters are held in much higher regard than right wingers.)

Is the CIS a right wing group? Well... if you consider maintaining America's sovereignty as "right wing," if you consider enforcement of immigration laws as "right wing," if you think that being concerned over the massive amounts of immigration to the US - legal and illegal - is "right wing," if you believe that displaying concern that these massive immigration increases consist almost entirely of poor, third worlders with little education is "right wing," and, finally, if you believe that having grave suspicions about the motives of the politicians, activists, and businesses that are seemingly hell bent on systematically altering the genetic make-up of the country through massive third world immigration is "right wing," then.... yeah, they're a right wing group.

And besides, the Southern Poverty Pimp Center says so!

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