Monday, June 1, 2009

Death Sentence Upheld - Again - For Evil Scumbag

still giving us the finger after all these years

Richard Allen Davis - who, despite all odds and massive public outcry, continues to live and breathe on God's green earth - has lost yet another appeal.

The state Supreme Court upheld the death sentence today of Richard Allen Davis, the repeat felon who became the catalyst for California's "three strikes" law when he kidnapped 12-year-old Polly Klaas from her Petaluma home and strangled her in 1993.

At the time of his arrest, Davis had an 11-page rap sheet, with two prison terms for attempted kidnappings. His case galvanized public support for an initiative that required a sentence of 25 years to life for any felon with a record of two serious or violent felonies.

The "three strikes and you're out" measure qualified for the ballot and passed overwhelmingly in 1994, giving California the nation's toughest sentencing law for repeat offenders.

Every time I see this bastard's name in the paper, my soul hurts. Why is this sick, evil man still alive? Why are there allegedly sane people still fighting to keep him alive? What motivates an allegedly sane person to defend evil?

Here are a few of those allegedly sane people and what they are doing for this monster...

Mr. Davis' personal web page (lovingly provided by the Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty)

Also... check this out... Prison Talk's "Loving a Death Row Inmate" forums

... reading these gives you a fascinating look into the minds (and rationalizations) of women who choose to love DR inmates. It's so easy to say these are a bunch of sick, weird bitches before reading these stories. It's almost as easy to say
after you read the stories as well. The rationalizations in use are truly mind boggling. Safe to say that there is not a shred of concern for the victims of their loved ones' crimes, only for their lovers. Many believe they are God's chosen vehicles of "compassion" - loving those that no one else would. Many proclaim - laughably - that it "just happened" and that they did not go into their correspondence looking for love. What utter bullshit! They claim to not be crazy, but many also admit to not being "normal" - but way "above" it - through their Christ-like compassion and love for those that commit evil.

It's worth a look at the "good that props up evil."


View Mr. Davis' rap sheet here

"Richard Allen Davis - Safe On Death Row" by Debra Saunders

Polly - never forgotten

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