Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Extra Credit: Jared Taylor's "What do White Nationalists Want"

Jared Taylor - editor of American Renaissance - recently wrote a piece for Taki magazine regarding the New Haven firefighters case. It got a lot of attention, including this rather silly critique from's Justin Raimondo (who apparently fancies himself a "conservative" of some sort) which spectacularly missed the point.

Taylor's reply to Raimondo- entitled "What Do White Nationalists Want?" - is a great read, and if you really honestly don't understand why white people are getting so pissed off in this country then get educated now.

"My hopes for the land in which my descendants will live are no different from those of virtually every person who has ever lived anywhere. The idea that nothing will be lost if a founding population is replaced with aliens is a new disease that strikes only whites. Our Mexican neighbors would scoff at the notion that “diversity” is a strength or that millions of English-speaking, white-skinned immigrants were a form of “cultural enrichment.” They would be astonished at the idea of elevating to a position of power a gringa who claimed white women made better decisions than Mexican men. In all these things they could not be more natural, normal, or healthy. It is we who have betrayed the ideals of our ancestors and diced with our children’s future by opening the doors to dispossession."

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