Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Battle of the Trough

San Francisco's City Hall was apparently a zoo today - even more so than usual - as two competing groups of parasites battled over who gets to bleed the city dry.

On one hand, you have the "public services" sector - a seemingly unending mob of bum enablers, illegal immigrant protectors, ethnic tribalists, halfway-house racketeers, "re-education" corps, "community outreach specialists" (whatever the fuck that is), and a whole host of others who sole mission in life is to not work. The City unions are no better, containing a few hard-working dedicated people picking up the slack of the majority of overpaid, overcompensated, lazy, complaining loafers.

On the other, the "public safety" sector - folks like the cops and fire department, who do a much needed service but at a vastly over-inflated price. The cushy retirement packages are legendary, as are the immense amounts of overtime.

Left out of this whole debate - as usual - are the taxpayers. One thing that is certain is that neither the Mayor's office or the Board of Supervisors would consider - even for a moment - cutting the City's bloated budget if they didn't absolutely have to.

The mob scene beautifully showed the main problem with San Francisco: Too many pigs at the trough; way too many people relying way too much on the government.

Of course, having a Board of Supervisors where 6 0f the 9 members are out-and-out Communists, and a Mayor who believes that no problem exists that can't be cured by more taxes, doesn't help in the slightest. (Mayor Newsom would be considered a tax-and-spend Socialist in any other city in America, but he just looks conservative-ish in comparison to the collectivist rabble on the Board).

It's a shame they can't both lose. But we can always hope!

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